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Fluxx Blanxx

Now it's easy to customize Fluxx! All you need is a Fluxx deck, a permanent marker, and a little bit of imagination, and you can add your own favorite concepts and wacky game ideas to the card game with ever-changing rules!

Fluxx Blanxx now contains a blank of the new 5th type of card: CREEPER

Creeper cards were introduced with the all new Zombie Fluxx edition of the game, and there is also one Creeper (the HOT POTATO) found in the 10th Anniversary party packs.

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Please visit our community wiki...

for ideas on How to Make Your Own Fluxx Blanxx

Just grab a permanent marker and start creating cards!

Each pack contains 1 card each:
New Rule, Action, Keeper, Goal and Creeper

Note: The second edition does not include the Chrononauts Beatles Reunion CD card which appeared in the first version of this product.

Here's a very old list of Fluxx goal ideas...


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