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Gina is on the phone with me, saying, "I mean 'cause it really stretched out when he pushed on it." I'm trying to picture Booda fitting under Atticus's gate, and the imagery is compounded with humorous thoughts of Gina hiding in the bedroom, spying on Booda through the window as he attempts his escape.

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peculate (peck'-yuh-late) vt. embezzle

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Chocolat :)
A child's fairy tale
designed for chocoholics
and cathoholics.

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LA Law

I rarely watch regular broadcast TV, so I never saw this show until Kristin started watching the twice-daily reruns on A&E (it comes on after Northern Exposure, itself a remarkably good TV series). But gradually I've gotten drawn into it, and at this point, I've become completely hooked. It's partly just a good courtroom drama show, but the romantic soap operas going on in the law offices of the firm the show focuses on can become rather addictive. Which reminds me - it's 2:57, I have to stop writing now and go watch today's rerun. [Postscript: It was a good one!]

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Endor HolocaustFruits of Chaos
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Polymer City

"I have not tried Cosmic Coasters yet, but my assistant manager has, and he seemed keen on it. Now, I did finally get to try Chrononauts myself. The game has sold well, but now that I have played it, I think we will be moving a few more copies! This game ROCKS!!!" -- Rob Placer, owner of The Gamer's Realm, on the Game Industry Forum at Delphi

Thursday, January 25, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Ramping Up For Toy Fair

Now that the Future has begun, we're mapping out our plans for the year, and Toy Fair, the first big trade show of the new season (and the biggest overall) is already nearly upon us. So, this week finds us meeting the production deadlines required for whatever materials we'll be giving out at the show. And there are two new things: a new catalog and a new T-shirt. (Actually, the new shirt comes in two flavors, so I guess that's really three things.)

First, the shirts. In order to help stimulate at-the-show sales, and just because we want to, we've decided to create the first two Chrononauts t-shirts. These will feature blow-ups of 2 linchpins from the game, with the front side of the card being on the front of the shirt and the back, naturally, being on the back. Two cards stood out from the rest as being shirt-worthy: 1912: Titanic Sinks and 1980: John Lennon Murdered.

Two new shirts = 8 new products if you track individual sizes, and we're not up for that right now, so as with the Fluxx Keeper shirts, we're only making these available in XL. Moreover, although we will probably make these available as a regular product later, the reason we're making them is as promotional items to give to new retailers who place an order with us at Toy Fair, and if we give them all away there, they might not become available again for awhile.

However: we're going to let you, our loyal regular readers, in on a special deal: Pre-order one (or both) of these shirts now, and not only will you be sure of getting one (we'll set it aside and hopefully even ship it before leaving for Toy Fair) but you'll also get your choice of sizes! And we'll even knock $2 off the usual price we charge for T-shirts! What more could you ask? But you must act fast - we need all the pre-orders in by Monday morning at noon.

The other new thing is our new catalog. Last year for Toy Fair we created a modular catalog with a standalone page about each product; but this year, we wanted something smaller and more general. So we've created a single-page double-sized full-bleed color catalog, featuring life-size images of elements of our games, which will look like this:

The Bulletized List of Other News:

  • Hal Haag has created an excellent resource for Fluxx: The New Card Suggestion Page. Here he's gathering all those great new ideas for cards that people have had, so if you've got one, make sure he hears about it. Sometime this year I hope to begin designing Fluxx++, and as I said when Kristin told me about Hal's page, "He's doing my homework for me!" Thanks Hal!
  • Thanks also to all the Rabbits who talked to their local game stores and thus helped get our online roster of stores more and more up to date. Remember, the official release date for Cosmic Coasters is Feb 15th, and we're asking our fans to pick up a copy from their friendly neighborhood hobby game store when it goes on sale there.
  • We've decided to attended the local no-frills gaming convention JohnCon again this year. In fact, I think we'll be making it a Pop-Tart Cafe! If you are within range of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, mark March 3 on your calendar.

AndyLet Freedom Grow,

the story so far
Thought Residue
"Any possession of cannabis for personal consumption will no longer provoke a reaction from the justice system unless its use is considered to be problematic or creates a social nuisance." -- Magda Aelvoet, Belgium's Health Minister, on that nation's recent decision to legalise the personal use of pot for anyone over the age of 18
We've just heard that a new course at Rice University, called World History Through Games, will be featuring Chrononauts on their syllabus! In fact, they're starting the class with it! They apparently bought every copy they could find in the local game stores and then came to us to get more, since the class was heavily oversubscribed. Assignments will reportedly include creating other TimeLines.
"The rules for Cheapass Games often include witty or ridiculous remarks, and I was wondering if y'all have favorites. Here's mine: 'You can use the pieces from a regular chess set to play Tishai, or you can carve your own pieces out of horn or bone.' That quote alone made me want to play the game." -- Clark D Rodeffer, on the Cheapass Games mailing list (The thread went on to conclude that the best line of all is from The Great Brain Robbery: "What do we want? Brains! When do we want 'em? Brains!")

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