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The Ninth Star Trek Series

Captain Anok Bla'tak, the half Vulcan/half Klingon Captain of the Federation Timeship Avenger, embarks on a mission backward in time, to find the moment the Borg were created - and to stop it. But even this wasn't enough for the jaded viewers of 2024... "Star Trek: Operation Anti-Borg" was canceled after its fifth episode.

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New this week: What Could They Be Selling In December?


"That if you started with a game that has one master you can come up with a variation where everyone is a master."
"Right -- the problem with that is..."
- me and Kory

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ideate (eye-dee'-ate) v. tr. to from an idea of; imagine; conceive. v. intr. to conceive mental images

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South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut :-|

Bad animation,
bad language, and bad songs too.
All in all, not bad.
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Toy Story 2

Another rare example of a sequel that's actually better than the original. It's great stuff: hilarious, exciting, and even bittersweet. Plus it has a subliminal advertisment for one of our products... at one point, the toys are seen playing cards with what appears to be a 53 Spades deck. But Alison raised a very good question: if Woody is actually a rare collectible toy from 1957, why doesn't he have any memories of his previous owners?

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Fruits of Chaos
Etiquette Hell
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Thursday, December 9, 1999
by the Wunderland Toast Society

New this week:

  • The official Proton pages have been upgraded
  • Rash has added an entry to his recent Japan Tour journal
  • Number 12 added two new f1.7 photos and a long-playing 80's hits midi file

What's New? The Geronimo Inquirer

It's that time of year again, when people send out their annual family letters, explaining what they've been doing with their lives over the course of the past year, and we're no different. (Well, OK, yes we are.) Our annual holiday letter takes the form of small publication, called the Geronimo Inquirer. It's a little 8-page booklet, with an outlandish, sensational cover story (written in the style of the Weekly World News or the Onion), with the rest of the issue covering the events of our year as a series of little news articles.

We've been sending out the holiday issues of the Geronimo Inquirer for several years now. (This year's issue will be #4). Prior to that, our tradition was to send out a homemade holiday postcard. Usually these postcards just featured a picture and a greeting (check out Sketchbook Harvest all through December for samples from those old postcards (and see also Me and Max, a short story we featured on the card one year)) but as our lives got more and more complex, and we wanted to include more information on what we were actually up to, we found the postcard format too limiting and switched to the undersized newsletter. The name was derived from Geronimo! Industries, the experimental product company we ran before starting Looney Labs.

So, this week's big job has been writing and illustrating the new issue of the Inquirer, and I'm happy to report that, while they aren't actually in the mail yet, they are back from the printers and they look really sharp. If we've got your mailing address, you can expect to find a copy in your mailbox soon.

Meanwhile, we've also been working on producing Q-Turn, filling way more orders than usual (yay!) and even doing a little Christmas shopping of our own. In other words, it's been another busy week.

AndyRemember, games make great gifts!

New Iceland cartoonthe story so far

Thought Residue
A couple of years ago, NASA lost the Mars Observer, and now both the Polar Lander and the Climate Orbiter have been damaged or destroyed. I think it's clear the Martians are shooting down our robots, to keep us from discovering their secrets. It's time we sent some people up there, to get to the bottom of it all. If you agree, sign the Mars Petition!
Although government officials often claim to be in favor of conducting more research regarding medical marijuana, Dr. Ethan Russo's FDA-approved study of marijuana's effectiveness in the treatment of migraines was rejected earlier this week. No explanation was given by NIDA, the government agency that is blocking his research. (Meanwhile, the Class Action suit involving 160 seriously-ill medpot patients in Philadelphia was also summarily dismissed.)
The Nineties really have been like the Sixties upside down. The fashions then and now were far out and groovy; both eras had presidential impeachment hearings, riots and Woodstocks (or rioting AT Woodstock as the case may be); and in the late sixties we all watched together as 3 men explored outer space, while today we're exploring cyberspace, and we're all out there doing it together.

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