53 Spades

SORRY! We are out of this product. We may someday reprint 53 Spades (but it could be years). If you want to be notified at that time, please contact us and we'll keep your email on file.

Presenting a truly unique deck of playing cards: The backs are a match for the Ace of Spades!

The cardback on this unique deck of playing cards looks just like the Aces of Spaces. Get a deck to use the next time you're playing cards at a cafe or other public place, and watch for the bewildered looks on people's faces that these cards will generate. Or just spring 'em on your unsuspecting bridge group!

We call this product 53 Spades because the deck has 53 aces of spades. There's the real one, plus 52 more on all the backs. (Of course, the deck comes with 2 jokers, plus there's one on the box... and does a two sided ace of spades really count as 2 aces of spades? I guess we really just liked the sound of the phrase "53 Spades". It has a nice ring to it.)

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