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The suspects gathered at the crime scene, scrutinizing the alleged murder weapon: a lead pipe. Suddenly the investigator himself was unmasked as the killer! Mr. Green protested, claiming amnesia. "See, that's what I hate about this game," he said. "How can you not know you're the murderer? Besides, I find poison to be more elegant."


Si-chi Tsay, in a very crowded lecture room, taps a graph (it is labeled 'cloudy sky' and 'clear sky') on a screen with his pointer: "This is what you get, OK? The blue curve."

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daedal (deed'ul) adj. 1a: intricate 1b: skillful, artistic 2: adorned with many things

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October Sky :)
Hmmm - rocket science
or death from black lung disease?
That is a tough choice.

Daddy-O's Reviews

Don't Drink the Water

A funny and engaging Cold War-era farce (made in 1969). Jackie Gleason plays an ugly American tourist who blunders off a hijacked plane in Communist Bulgaria (to take souvineer snapshots) and ends up, with wife and daughter, being mistaken for spies and thus having to take refuge, perhaps permanently, in the local US Embassy.

Tirade's Choice

The Chronodrome

Thursday, October 19, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Chrononauts Has Arrived!

The Big Day is here! On Tuesday, we took delivery on two pallets of Chrononauts decks, and they are perfect and beautiful and glorious and we couldn't be happier! (Well, OK... so there were just a couple of teensy weensy problems. The brown shipping boxes are labeled "chronon ants" and the third pallet of decks was mis-routed into Cincinnati, but hey, nothing's ever flawless.) And the decks even arrived about a week ahead of schedule! We are very very pleased... our hats are off to Carta Mundi for a job well done!

Since receiving the decks, Kristin and Alison have been frantically filling all the orders that have been stacking up since we began accepting them, and I'm proud to report that we've shipped out over 600 Chrononauts decks in the last 48 hours. And the orders just keep on rolling in!

Of course, a lot of the decks we were shipping out are on their way to distributors, and from there, to game stores. How long will it take for Chrononauts to show up on an actual game store shelf near you? Good question. We're rather curious to know, so please send us email when you make an initial sighting. (Note to the locals: our traditional first store, Dream Wizards in Rockville, already has it in stock.)

All orders submitted before midnight last night have been filled, so if you pre-ordered, you might have your deck as early as tomorrow. And when you get it, you'll find a new little extra inside the box, something we were able to piggyback along with the printing of the Chrononauts decks: the Color Mini-Catalog. It's a real playing card, with ad copy on front and back as shown here. Carta Mundi's high tech card printing machinery is capable of removing up to four bonus cards from each deck, and ejecting them into a separate box. The Color Mini-Catalog is one of these bonus cards, and we're tossing one in with every order we fill from now on. If you need more, go to the Free Stuff page and ask.

Finally, we are still working on the exact details, but we will shortly be announcing a Chrononauts Demo Rabbit program. All I can say right now is that it involves a big pile of uncut Chrononauts decks, so we will have to ask our Rabbits to keep quiet about the other bonus cards that appear on the card sheets, since they will not be deployed until next summer, at Origins and Gen Con. Anyway, as you begin showing off your shiny new Chrononauts deck, be sure to tell people to mention your name in the text comments if they decide to buy a copy from our online store. We're keeping track: Adam and Eric are currently tied for top Chrononauts Demo Rabbit, each with credit for the sale of one deck.

Anyway, it's been a good week.


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the story so far

Thought Residue
"Looney Labs is a game company as well as a strange, on-going piece of Internet performance art." -- Brad Weier, who says of this page, "It's Like a Soap Opera That Doesn't Suck" on his fan webpage about us and our games
"If you can look past the tree-huggin' hippie crap (and it really doesn't take much to do that), what you have here is a fast, simple, sometimes vicious beer-and-pretzels game with lots of back-and-forth double-crossing and bluffing potential. It's fast enough that it's easy to play again... and suddenly find that hours have gone by. Big fun. Score: 5/5." -- GX-Misuba commenting on Aquarius at
"Actually, when I say 'entirely different' I mean more than just different from one another. These games are different from anything else you've likely ever played. Never have I seen such a collection of convention-bending designs." -- Lester Smith, reviewing the Icehouse set for Shred Magazine, Issue #7, Sept 2000

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