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What About the Rest of the Fleet?

There were other colorful submarines: red, blue, green... My favorite was the purple submarine. Captain Jackson took his crewmates, Tina and Veronica, on an epic quest to rescue Princess Aquarius from the clutches of the aliens from Planet X-33. What a story! (Not that you learn any of it from playing the card game Aquarius...)


I'm trying to think of a name for a book store for Koralleen. I put my hands behind my head and lean back to look up at the ceiling, while my office partner Gil talks about fixing and selling houses. I'm mulling over a Kurt Vonnegut quote, something about putting on armor and attacking a sundae, and thinking maybe Hot Fudge Books? Nah. Gil says, "My house? Oh, my, Gawd."

Cool Words

juggernaut (jug'-er-not) n. 1: a massive inexorable force that crushes whatever is in its path 2: (chiefly Brit.) a large heavy truck 3: (an older definition from the OED) (figurative) an institution, practice, or notion to which persons blindly devote themselves, or are ruthlessly sacrificed. 4: (the first OED definition, presumably at the root of all these meanings) in Hindu mythology, a title of Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu; specifically, the idol of this deity, annually dragged in procession on an enormous car, under the wheels of which many devotees would throw themselves to be crushed.

Haiku Reviews

Office Space :)
The plot's a bit bland
but matching the characters
to real life is fun.

Daddy-O's Reviews

Frontline: Drug Wars

This 4-hour PBS documentary makes it plainer than ever that our modern rerun of Prohibition is every bit as destructive and horrible as the original... but it stops short of suggesting actual solutions, beyond the need for a radical change. Even so, the drug war cannot withstand journalism like this. (I wish Jim Lehrer had seen it while thinking up questions for the second presidential debate, which once again was completely drug-policy-discussion free...)

Tirade's Choice

Voices USA

Thursday, October 12, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? You Are Squa Tront

We're getting pretty excited about the impending arrival of Chrononauts. The latest word from the factory is that the cards are all cut and packed into the boxes; however, they did run into some trouble with the final outer cello-wrap layer. It seems ours is the thickest tuckbox of this type that Carta Mundi has ever manufactured, and it choked their machinery. But Eric says they've worked out a solution, and still expect to ship as planned, sometime next week.

Since we've started accepting pre-orders for the game, they've been rolling in, from stores and distributors as well as individuals, so everything's poised to make us extremely busy filling orders during the next couple of weeks. Consequently, we're trying to clear the decks now, cleaning the house and catching up on a few things before the next wave of overwork hits. (Plus of course Alison has been playing the Farming Game...)

With Chrononauts done and on the verge of arriving, we're starting to really dig into the marketing phase, and accordingly, here you see our first full page ad for the game. It's scheduled for the December issue of Knights of the Dinner Table (which, for those not in the know, is a hilarious gaming magazine/comic book, with a huge pass-along audience; it's one of the best-read publications in our industry).

Over the weekend we held another Factory Saturday, which predictably devolved into another late-night session of game-playing. We were joined by the usual regulars (Ginohn-Kory-Dale) plus Rabbits from the Asheville and Blacksburg Warrens (Erskin and Marcella were here for the weekend, delivering a giant fish, and Jazzfish and Emily were in town for the RenFest) plus Margit and her daughter Alex. We built Black Ice and Button Broccoli [Collector's Note: The new printing of Tirade has noticeably brighter colors] and after a productive afternoon (thanks everyone!), Kory and toK and Jake and Peter showed up and we all played games until nearly 5AM. (By the way, my favorite of the new games I've played lately is Reiner Knizia's Lost Cities.)
AndyGo Green: Vote for Ralph!

the story so far

Thought Residue
My copy of Time War arrived, and the rules are daunting; it's a classic chit-based war game of the sort that always makes my eyes glaze over. But I'm not disappointed, even considering the level of water-damage the supposedly mint (but admittedly never-opened) game had suffered. The board is great and mission cards are very entertaining. (They're notched, like IBM punchcards!) And here's an interesting Plate of Shrimp: It was designed by Stephen Peek, author of Game Plan! (I must send him a copy of Chrononauts...)
It drives me crazy when politicians talk about ending Racial Profiling without mentioning the War on Drugs. Racial Profiling is a symptom -- the real disease is Prohibition. What do you think the cops are searching for when they stop young black men driving sportscars? That's right, drugs! The best way to end Racial Profiling is to abolish our insane Drug War, which is itself racially biased.
"There are times when the gap between reality and rhetoric, between what we know to be true and what our leaders say, becomes so outrageous as to feel positively surreal. And the war on drugs -- specifically, the campaign against marijuana use which makes up a major portion of that war -- has now gone beyond the tolerable Magritte phase and into full-blown, hideous, melted-watches Dali." -- Gary Kamiya, "Reefer Madness", 10/12/00

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