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How Can They Even Be In Business?

The new fast food chain grew more rapidly than anyone thought possible, particularly considering their fare: deep fried crickets. Although few people were ever seen eating at one, a new Insect King appeared on every fast food strip in America within just eight months. Only after the invasion fleet arrived was their true purpose understood...


Walking, with Gina following, down a steep road. I'm holding my dijeridu in one hand and eating hard pretzels out of the other. "Good pretzels," I say, with pretzel in my mouth.
"Huh?" Sounds like pretzel in her mouth too. "Good pretzels."

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sesquipedalian (sess'-kwi-ped-ay'-lee-un) adj. 1: having many syllables 2: given to or characterized by the use of long words

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Saving Grace :)
Amerika won't
film taboos, but we're in luck:
Britains speak English!

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This is one of my all time favorite movies. No characters, no dialogue, no story, just 87 minutes of incredible images, mostly filmed in high-speed time-lapse photography, all set to some of the best Phillip Glass music ever. It's like something you might have seen in a World's Fair pavilion, or a movie length version of Madonna's "Ray of Light" video (but without Madonna). [more]

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Lego Steggy
Fruits of Chaos
Mark Twain campaign

Thursday, September 21, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Number 12 Got Married!

On Saturday, we attended the wedding of Charles and Lisa, which was the most creative and enjoyable such event we've been to since the infamous Ginohn nuptials. The outdoor ceremony was held at a really cool stabilized ruin called the Patapsco Female Institute, near Ellicott City, and began with a grand procession up the hill from the parking area to the wedding site.

The happy couple's colorful circle of friends made for quite a parade in their varying forms of finery, and Kristin and Alison joined with many of the other musically-inclined guests in learning to play the wedding march on their recorders (sheet music had been included with the invitations). The ceremony itself was charming, and the rain held off until everything was over (and even then it was at least brief).

Afterwards we dined and danced and toasted the couple at the reception and even snuck in a couple of games here and there. (Our table was filled with Toasters and their guests, so how could we resist a few rounds of Fluxx and Volcano while waiting for the next course?) After a great feast came the dancing, and dancing is big with this crowd so of course there was a great deal of that. I myself am not so big on dancing, so I watched Kristin and Alison dance with each other most of the night (though they did coax me out onto the dance floor a few times...). And then at last it was time for cake, i.e. the moment of truth for those of us who judge a wedding by the chocolateness of its pastries. As I've previously had occasion to at weddings, I huddled with Chort as the crowd formed, speculating as to the contents of the enormous tower of pastry before us. "That yellow frosting worries me," he confided. "The last time I saw frosting like that at a wedding, it was on a *carrot cake*!" We both shuddered, and then began reminiscing about other cakes of weddings past while waiting for the bride and groom to begin the ceremonial cutting. Then the moment came, and rumor quickly spread through the crowd that it was, indeed, a carrot cake! Chort's nightmare scenario realized! But almost as quickly, we got the full story: half carrot cake, half chocolate! Hallelujah! Chocolate cake! Yum. It was superb!

Anyway, Happy Wedding, Charles and Lisa! Here's wishing you all the best.

In other news, Chrononauts got a nice review in the online magazine Pyramid (most of which you can't read if you're not a subscriber), we went to Baltimore for business meetings (with the sales force at Alliance and the plastic manufacturers at KLON), and we finally got out to the local Six Flags park to quickly ride a few roller coasters before the season ends, and we had a blast! This was our first chance to ride the new Superman coaster, and it ROCKS! What a ride! I don't think I've been this impressed with a new coaster since my first rides on Batman or the Beast. Suddenly our local park boasts a World-Class Coaster!

AndyRemember Peter McWilliams!


PS: Sign the petition to get Nader into the debates!

the story so far

Thought Residue
"At first, John Lennon's death may not seem to have a clear effect on the Challenger disaster or the Columbine tragedy, but Andrew Looney put quite a bit of thought into the alternate history of Chrononauts -- and the discovery of his take on events is part of the charm of the game." -- Brad Weier, reviewing Chrononauts for Pyramid magazine
"What's karma? He said: You know on pies? The pie crust? It's the little wrinkles on pie crust. He inquired: It is? He clarified: Yeah. So there's good karma and bad karma. So if you go to a restaurant, and you don't like the crust of your pie, you can say, 'This pie has bad karma' and send it back." -- overheard and posted on the web
"Why are we wiping our asses on trees? Why are we cleaning up our spills and blowing our noses on trees that take decades to grow back instead of a weed that grows back in months? At the very least, all toilet paper, Kleenex, and paper towels should be made from hemp instead of wood." -- "Inanimate Objects" by Michael Dare

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