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The Day of First Pieces

October 15, 1999 was a great day in the history of Icehouse, for this was the day on which the first injection-molded pieces came tumbling out of the machine. And they are BEAUTIFUL.

Here we see the actual machine that's cranking out a trio of pyramids every few seconds. Notice the set of 3 sliding down to the waiting collection bin.

Below is a close-up of the mold, just after the halves have separated, with the new pieces still attached to the mold, soon to be pushed off by the ejector pins.

And here we see a selection of the new pieces, a mix of the clear test pieces and the first of the production pieces, in yellow. Aren't they gorgeous? They nest and stack perfectly, and the edges positively glow with color.

The new pieces are everything we'd hoped they would be... almost. One of the reasons for the delay in finishing the mold was that etching our URL into the base proved to be just too difficult, since the letters would have to be terribly small in order to fit along the edge. So, this first run of pieces will have not those tiny words. But we don't care... the URL was always just frosting, and the pieces themselves are so delicious that frosting isn't needed.

Our hats are off to the great team at KLON. Now we just need to give them time to make about a hundred thousand little pyramids, and we'll be ready to ship!

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