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Dodgeball :)

If you 're looking for
a good comedy about
dodgeball, here it is!

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The Dragon Is Watching You

"I want to give a testimonial about NanoFictionary. I do mental health work with disadvantaged children and teens, and have found this game to be an excellent therapeutic tool. It gives my clients a chance to use the elements of storytelling for a bit of projection, and the game is very flexible, allowing me to give such instructions as 'let's make up stories where somebody is feeling disappointed,' etc. Actually, the set I am ordering right now is for the teens at the Unitarian church I attend. I have been using the game to get them to tell stories about principled and un-principled behavior. They enjoy using the game because of the humor and playfulness of the cards, and it ends up making a good forum for discussion. I have also used Fluxx therapeutically, to work with kids who are not very flexible, and get them to think about social situations where rules and goals are often changing. Thanks for creating such wonderful games. They have been fun to play in my personal life, as well as an important resource in my professional work! You should consider developing more games that can be used therapeutically. There are a few companies that do it, but they are often lacking in cleverness and whimsy, which make them far less appealing to kids (and therapists!)" -- Bela S. of Rutland, VT


Thursday, June 15th, 2006
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What's New?

No More SASEs Please

Ever since our very first booth at Origins, when we debuted Fluxx in July 1997, we have been making bonus extra cards, which we call Promo Cards, to give away at conventions to help attract interest in our games.

Of course, we always make more than we think we're going to need (often way more than we can possibly ever use, depending on how we're getting the promo cards made). Each year, the extras go into a box, and over the years, they've been kind of piling up.

Obviously, there's been plenty of demand for these leftover extras, and we've previously been making promo cards available in 2 different ways: 1.) Free with a Self Addresed Stamped Envelope (SASE) and 2.) in little packs we'd assemble and sell for a dollar, called Promo Card Packs.

All that has now changed. As of this week, we are officially discontinuing our SASE program, and when the existing stock of Promo Card Packs sell through, we won't be assembling more.

Instead, we are now selling Promo Cards individually! Now everyone can get exactly the cards they want, and without having to wait months for us to get around to responding to the backlog of SASE requests!

Also, many of these cards will now be available for the first time in packets of 25, suitable for anyone who wants a big pile of extras to give out themselves at events. (For example, people who play Homeworlds in coffeeshops will want a packet of the "What's Homeworlds?" card to give away when strangers ask about the game.)

You will notice too that prices for these individual cards vary, ranging from just a penny for microcatalogs to as much as a dollar or two for special promos we're running low on and will run out of forever.

What makes all of this possible was construction of a series of promo card organizers like the ones shown here, which allow our warehouse to keep track of them all and find the right ones for packing orders. What this further required was pulling out all the old boxes of promo cards and getting them all properly inventoried, which in turn required getting them all bundled into manageable packs of 25 each. All of this is work we've been making time for along with everything else during the past few weeks, and it's all because of Robin! When she took on the job of being our Director of Operations and started establishing order in our office, she took it upon herself to get all those old boxes of promo cards cleaned out and sent to the warehouse in manageable units. This is a task which Kristin has been trying to make happen since last summer, when we first started to collect all the cards together at the office and James started packaging up a bunch of the cards. So Robin has been calling for Project Days and Project Hours, getting us all to devote a little time here and there to helping her get the Promo Cards under control. Here's a photo of one such session:

On Tuesday I drove down to PMC (that's our warehouse) to turn the organizers over to Brian and his team, along with over 35,000 neatly organized promo cards (along with the parts for Zendo Cards and Volcano Caps, which will be for sale very soon). Plus of course, we've had to do a lot of work in rebuilding elements of our online store to make ordering all these new items possible, so getting this done has been a huge team effort. (Thanks Team!)

Meanwhile, we're very busy right now getting ready for Origins, plus I'm working on the 3HOUSE booklet... this week I'm releasing the first draft of the pages I've created for 3HOUSE about Treehouse, which I've reformatted from 6 small pages into 2 large ones, suitable for printing onto the front and back of a regular sized sheet of paper, thus forming a new stand-alone Treehouse rules handout. The PDF files for the front and back of this document are available now, but keep in mind that these are preliminary versions of this material and may yet change. (Comments welcomed!)

Lastly, Josh Drobina has moved here from Ohio to work in our office for the summer. Welcome to the neighborhood Josh!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

AndyHave a great week, and hopefully we'll see you at Origins!

Thought Residue
We're finally getting into Toys R Us! It's just a test program at first -- 50 of their top game-selling stores will soon be carrying Family Fluxx -- but if it does well it could lead to a lot more. Woo-hoo!

According to a new Zogby poll, 39% of those surveyed said they think the Election of 2004 was stolen, with only 54% thinking it was legitimate. What's particularly interesting about this poll is that they also asked about the news channel those surveyed favored: 70% of CNN viewers believe there was voter fraud, while an amazing 99% of Fox News viewers thought the election was legitimate.
"I have friends who are alive today because of medical marijuana. These are people who suffered unbearable nausea from chemotherapy or retroviral drugs - nausea that only marijuana was able to bring under control. The bottom line [on the recent FDA rejection of medical marijuana] is that this is another sign that science at the FDA has given way to politics. They just pretend research evidence for the medical value of marijuana doesn't exist. But in fact quite a bit does - - even though the federal government has done everything it can to keep this research from being conducted. They're terribly afraid of such research, because any serious scientific study of the subject is going to reveal how little basis there is for their claims. Continuing to demonize marijuana is the key to the drug war, and the drug war pays the salaries of a lot of people." -- Bruce Mirken (of the Marijuana Policy Project) as quoted in an article by Paul Campos (a professor of law at the University of Colorado) entitled "Follow the Drug War Money"

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