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Kung Fu Hustle  %}

Now I realize
what movie Tarantino
was trying to make.

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Now THAT'S Cold!

"Treehouse was a popular quickie. In my opinion, it's probably the best Icehouse game for kids I've seen ­ and us big kids enjoy it, too. It's simple pattern-matching and it's straight-forward enough to learn without fuss." -- Rabbit report from Nimrod Jones

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

Small Gray Pyramids!

Icehouse fans rejoice! At last we have an eleventh color! It's gray!

Volcano fans rejoice! They will soon be available in sets of JUST FIVE SMALLS!

As part of the Treehouse Revolution, we are finally introducing a set of Volcano Caps. This is an Icehouse accessory product that allows you to play Volcano with any 5 Icehouse stashes -- including 5 Treehouse sets -- without needing to set aside 2/3s of a sixth Icehouse stash.

We've never been able to offer this before, because our pyramid mold makes 3 pieces all at once -- one of each of the three sizes. We couldn't sell sets of just Smalls because the leftover Mediums and Larges would be totally useless.

Fortunately, KLON (our pyramid manufacturer) routinely recycles leftover plastic pieces by grinding them up and reusing them, so this time we had KLON grind up the Mediums and Larges 5000 times, turning all that plastic into enough Smalls to make 1000 sets of Volcano Caps.

After that, we had them continue making gray pyramids until we had enough to make a small run of complete stashes in this new 11th color. We plan to make these available as a Dangling Carrot exclusive (like the Cyan pyramids) for our beloved Mad Lab Rabbits.

In other Icehouse news, Treehouse sets are now being assembled by our friends at ROI, so those too are about to become available! Woo-hoo!

Please note that none of these products are available just yet. Treehouse will ship very soon, but we still have to make packaging of some kind for the Volcano Caps, and in the meantime we've got to get ready for the GAMA Trade Show, and before that we're going up to Poughkeepsie to play games at NonCon. (It's this weekend if you live in New York...)

But we do have several big boxes of gray pyramids in the house!

AndyThanks for Playing Our Games! Have a great week!

Thought Residue
I really like Peter Oliver's suggestions for a 5th row for the Chrononauts timeline, ranging from the year 2000 to 2019. Great ideas, Peter! I've long been pondering a complete new timeline that would include a whole century of future events, but I'm really intrigued by the idea of making a single-row expansion. Maybe someday we'll make a Lost Identities-style product built around this concept...

Keith knows somone who was color blind for his entire life until one day when suddenly he could see colors! Wow! Nothing seems to have triggered the change, his eyes just started seeing differently! Doctors are baffled!
"Ask Me About My Vow Of Silence" -- funniest t-shirt slogan I saw while in Colorado

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