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Dozing face down on my bed, with my feet hanging off the edge, still in their shoes. Half dreams of manipulating objects that are weird combinations of lamps, playing cards, and entoloma mushrooms.

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chirm (cherm) vi. to twitter. warble, or him, as birds, insects, etc. n. a twittering, warbling, or humming sound

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Panic Room :|

Jodie Foster turned
down Hannibal, now she hides
from the Three Stooges.

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What Dreams May Come

This is an incredible visual feast of a ride, with plenty of food for thought to snack on during the journey. Even an atheist can enjoy this fascinating and emotional trip through Heaven and Hell, particularly since it barely mentions God and paints (literally) an afterlife in which there is no judgment nor any requirement to reject sin or believe in Jesus. However, those of faith might find these omissions curious, or even objectionable. Regardless of what you believe, approach this one with an open mind, and enjoy the scenery for what it is: stunning.

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Mayberry in Star Trek

"I use your game Fluxx in a seminar that I designed about dealing with change. It is a perfect illustration of how difficult is can be to deal with change but how necessary it is to accept it and keep going." -- Tim M., Development Specialist at a Major Corporation

Thursday, April 18, 2002
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? We've Outsourced Assembly!

Looney Labs took another big step forward this week. For as long as Kristin and I have been making Neat Stuff together, we've been setting up little factories in our home to do various types of hand-assembly work, including everything from Are You A Werewolf? to complete Icehouse sets. But now, in accordance with our corporate philosophy of farming out as much of this type of work as we can, we've made arrangements with another company to do our hand-assembly work for us.

The company we've chosen is Rehabilitation Opportunities, Inc. (ROI), a not for profit, tax-exempt organization located just around the Beltway from us, which was founded in 1964 to help developmentally and physically disabled adults obtain work experience. They get vocational training and employment doing exactly the sort of hand-assembly work we've been doing all these years in our living room. They can take the materials for any assembly task we think up, and get everything put together and shrink-wrapped in whatever manner we indicate. They can handle big jobs and little jobs, and the first couple of things we had them do were completed swiftly and exactly as we wanted. So far, we've very happy customers!

Here you see them working on one of those first few tasks, namely the packaging up of our new button 3-packs. Above is Geraldine Batista, and that's Cheryl Heier, Theresa Kirkland and Marie Lucas in the pictures below.

So now, I'd like to say one big final Thank You to everyone who has ever helped us stick cards into envelopes or fill boxes up with pyramids for nothing more than chinese food or pizza. We really appreciate your help, and we'll (hopefully) never ask you to do it again!

AndyHave a Great Week!

the story so far
PS: Here's a sketch of this week's Iceland cartoon that I did back in the summer of '99. As you can see, I was originally planning for this interrogation to involve both Teal and Yeller, but then we hatched that whole plotline with the costume/carriages, and the next thing you know, it's 3 years later and I'm finally getting around to using this gag.

Thought Residue
"Monopoly Releases Scrabble-Themed Edition" -- my favorite recent fake headline at The Onion (still no match though for my all-time favorite, "Heston: 'We Must Arm Ourselves If We Are To Defeat The Apes'"
Although in the eighties I was among the early pioneers of the LARP (Live Action Role Playing) game, I haven't been to one in years. However, I'd come out of retirement for a weekend-long game based on Survivor. (Man, I love that show.) Is anybody working on a game like that?
"You bet I did. And I enjoyed it." -- New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, when asked if he'd ever tried smoking pot, in a quote which is now part of a major ad campaign in the Big Apple, paid for by the NORML Foundation


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