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lascivious (la-siv'-ee-us) adj. reflecting or producing sexual desire or behavior, especially that is considered indecent or obscene.

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Dumbed down for earthlings
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If It Ain't Broke, Don't Privatize It!

Thursday, May 12th, 2005
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

June 5, 2005

What's Going On? Just Desserts is at the Printer!

The beta edition of Just Desserts is now being printed! I'm sure my regular readers have long been wondering just which desserts will be included in this all-desserts card game, so here now is a complete chart (click on it for a larger version):

As you can see, the art for the Beta edition will be simple black and white line drawings, some of which are really just sketches... after much discussion, we've decided the final art will be colorized line drawings, based on these but made much better-looking by Alison (akin to her work on the Artifact art for both Chrononauts games.) The photograph-based design, seen in the prototype cards shown on the What's on the Stove? page, has been abandoned.

It will take many months (perhaps even as much as year) to prepare all the full-color artwork that the final version of this game will require. Before we invest the time and energy needed in doing that, we want to make sure the gameplay is really good enough to justify it. Hence, we're making a limited edition test run, of 500 copies, to really shake out the design. We plan for this to be available in time for Origins, and we hope to begin accepting pre-orders soon.

If the Beta edition feedback is good, we may try to have the final version of the game ready in time for next year's GTS.... but only if we can turn Alison into an art machine!

AndyThat's all for now. Have a Great Week!

PS: Congrats to Craig and Gretchen on the birth of their second child! Welcome to the world, Ryan!

Thought Residue
Last fall, I said I was feeling like a senior in college again. Now that it's spring, I'm feeling like a senior who's realizing he's going to need to stay on an extra year in order to graduate. (Which is exactly what I did, as it turns out... I was on the 5 year plan.) People keep asking us if we've moved yet, or how soon we will, but we're still many months away from being ready to actually sell the house and leave town. But we are working on it...

I have decided that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Why? Because that's the time when I'm least likely to encounter foods I dislike, such as vegetables. Traditional breakfast foods are almost never green.
"I don't think that scientists are prejudiced to begin with. Prejudice means pre-judging. They're post-judice. After examining the evidence they decide there's nothing to it. There's a big difference between prejudice and post-judice." -- Carl Sagan, in an interview on Nova

"I wanted to write you in response to your post on the 28th and the week before about your rationale for not sending your product to be produced in China. I wanted to commend you on what had to be a difficult decision. I'm currently living in WV and have seen first hand chemical plants, manufacturing plants, and the like all close up shop to move to China or Mexico and have witnessed the crippling effect it has on small-town economies. I moved back to this state because my hippy ideals wanted a place where I could afford to buy some land and grow some of my own food and hopefully slowly work my way off the grid as much as I can and when I read your post about being willing to postpone short-term financial gain for your higher ideals it really moved me... I just wanted to let you know that I for one and many others really have a great deal of admiration for you being willing to not cave into the awful globalized economic structure built on virtually slave labor. Keep fighting the good fight and producing some killer games!" -- email from Ryan F.

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