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forb (forb) n. an herb other than grass. [from Greek phorbe fodder, food, from pherbein to graze.]
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"This is a fine game, whether played individually or with the original game. Definitely delve into the past a little further with this new game of paradox and time travel. And while there, pick up a tasty treat." -- Wayne Tonjes, reviewing Early American Chrononauts at the GamingReport.com

Friday, September 17th, 2004
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Goodbye Aslan

We lost a very dear friend this week: Aslan, our oldest and most important cat, has taken his final nap.

I vividly recall the first time I met Aslan. It was 18 years ago, back when I was just starting out as a programmer at NASA. My wacky co-worker Kristin Wunderlich had just gotten a cute little kitten she'd named Aslan, and she brought him in to work one day to show him off to everyone. I remember walking down to her office to see where she was hiding this little gray fuzzball: she'd set up a special little nook for him inside one of the drawers of her big gray government desk! He was only there that one day, for a few hours after lunch, but it made a big impression on me. Who was this zany woman who would bring a kitten to the office? Little did I realize then that I would someday marry that wonderful wacky girl, and that Aslan would in turn become my cat as well.

Of course, I have many other happy memories of this most excellent cat (and some not so pleasant ones, like the time when he had a big fight with my cat Iggy, during which Aslan bit my hand and I had to go to the Emergency Room to get a couple of stitches). Perhaps my favorite Aslan memory is simply the nightly tradition he had of climbing onto your chest when you were lying down on your back and "bonking" his face against your chin. He was so sweet! We shall all miss him very very much.

Although we're all terribly sad about the passing of such a dear friend, we also remind ourselves that he lived a very full and happy life and departed with contentment and dignity. We've all had plenty of time to say goodbye. Towards the end, it was clear that his time was nearly up, but even after he became terribly thin and frail, he was still able to move around with surprising agility. He kept climbing the stairs to take naps in all his favorite spots around the house, right up until his final, peaceful nap in one of his all-time favorite places: a cardboard box.

Aslan's final nap ended around sunrise today. This evening, we buried him in a corner of our backyard. We planted a pussy willow tree over him, so that Aslan can nourish new life as it grows above him. In the springtime, the tree's buds will look like his fur. When the tree gets tall, it will fill in a hole in the sky that's been there ever since we had that big dead tree removed 3 years ago.

Goodbye, Aslan. You will live in our hearts forever.


AndyHere's to being alive!

the story so far

Thought Residue
It would seem as though the design for my card game Aquarius has been used, without my knowledge, consent, compensation, or credit, as the basis for a game called Search, Ponder, and Play! released by a Mormon-oriented publisher called Covenant Communications. But hey, at least it's getting good reviews! :-)

"We seem to have convinced young people that binge drinking is safer than smoking even a little marijuana. 54.4 percent of 12- to-17-year olds said they considered it a 'great risk' to their health to smoke any amount of marijuana once or twice per week. Only 38.5 percent saw great risk in binge drinking once or twice a week. Policy has come completely unhinged from reality. Despite a tripling of marijuana arrests since the Nixon era, marijuana use has skyrocketed while officials pick through the data for encouraging snippets and ignoring the big picture. Worse, they find reason to cheer at figures suggesting that we may be driving kids away from a comparatively benign drug toward one that is far more lethal." -- Bruce Mirken, "Dressing Up Failure"
"This current American juggernaut is the mightiest empire the world has ever seen, and it is absolutely immune to the individual. Short of violent crime, it has assimilated the individual's every conceivable political action into mainstream commercial activity. It fears only one thing: organization. That's why the one thing that would have really shaken Middle America last week wasn't 'creativity.' It was something else: uniforms. Three hundred thousand people banging bongos and dressed like extras in an Oliver Stone movie scares no one in America. But 300,000 people in slacks and white button-down shirts, marching mute and angry in the direction of Your Town, would have instantly necessitated a new cabinet-level domestic security agency." -- Matt Taibbi, "The 60s Are Over!"


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