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"Alright Joe," I say, "we're going to head over to the stage again to watch the Mediaeval Baebes."

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(day-noo-maw') n. 1. The point in the plot that occurs after the climax; the final resolution of the main complication of a literary or dramatic work. 2. The outcome of a complex sequence of events. from French, from Old French denoer to untie, from Latin de- + nodare to tie in a knot, from nodus a knot.

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The Good Girl :|

The message, that life
is bland, unfortunately
makes a bland movie.

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This is a brilliant movie... except for the final denouement, which struck me as being totally stupid the first time I saw it. But when I was watching it again on TV last night, I turned it off about 10 minutes before it ended, and it was great!

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Creepy Agency Casts Evil Eye on Planet Earth

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"I've gushed before, but I have to again: Chrononauts is absolute genius in a box! It's so amazingly thought out and fun to play. It is *by far* my favorite game of all time. Thanks for the fun! :)" -- Chris K, in an email

Thursday, October 3, 2002
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Golfing with Sharon / The Blanxx Debate

Over the weekend we went down to Charlottesville to celebrate Sharon's Day with my niece Sharon and her family. As her Godfather, I've made it my mission to give her a special day each year when she is the star, since (through no fault of her own) she must share her birthday each year with her twin brother James. This year for Sharon's Day, we gave her a little electronic grand piano (so she can learn to play Beethoven like Schroder). It also came with a built-in microphone so her brother could sing along (as shown on the packaging).

But though Sharon gets a special gift (and got to choose the restaurant for dinner) we'd like for Sharon's Day to be fun for James as well, so among other things, we all went out to play miniature golf. Since Sharon and James are not yet 6, this was their first time on a golf course, so needless to say, it was a very exciting time. And Sharon got a hole-in-one! It was a great day.

In Looney Labs news, we're making good progress on our various projects. SuperFRED is growing more capable every day, we shipped the Borders Bonus to the fifty stores that will soon be carrying Fluxx, and we passed an important milestone on the Zendo front this week... we placed an order with our card printer (Carta Mundi) for the booster-pack of Zendo cards each box will include.

But the big topic of debate around here this week has centered on the name "Blanxx." (Actually, it's been more than just a debate... it's been one of the most intense disagreements our group has had in quite a while.)

The question centers on what to call blank cards for Nanofictionary, which we plan to release as soon as we can agree on what to officially call them. As in most debates, there are two sides. One side feels the product should be called "Nano-Blanxx", but the other side dislikes using a Fluxx reference for a Nanofictionary expansion and would rather we just used the correct spelling of "Blanks" (unless some brilliant new idea comes along that we haven't thought of yet).

The Blanxx faction argues that "creative misspelling is a time-honored tradition of American merchandising" (to quote Keith Baker) and that using the same name for a different game's blank cards establishes a naming convention that can apply to future products and will tie the Looney Labs product line together. However, the Blanks faction says that it's precisely because the double X was appropriate and good for Fluxx Blanxx that the misspelling is wrong for the new product.

What name do you think we should use?

Something Else:

AndyHave you played any games today?



the story so far

Thought Residue
"The fastest way to kill a product is to advertise it and have consumers out there looking for it and not finding it." -- Larry Johns, who was head of sales at Hershey after first holding that position at Mars, as quoted on page 222 of The Emperors of Chocolate, by Joel Glenn Brenner
"Beyond the human cost, this American drug gulag is expensive to operate. The federal Bureau of prisons is currently spending $3 billion a year just to incarcerate drug offenders." -- Doug McVay, "An American Gulag In The Making," the Orlando Sentinel, Sunday, 29 Sep 2002
"There are environmentally aware Americans - they mostly wear beads and live in Seattle. The rest of the nation drives past them hardly noticing their presence." -- Justin Webb, "Car Crazy America Reluctant to Change"


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