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"I heard they passed around a blanket and people threw money into it, and they collected about three thousand dollars for his family," I say. "His cousin got up there and was talking..."

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vavasor (vav'-uh-sore) n. a feudal vassal ranking just below a baron

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It fools you into
imagining extra scenes.
Two movies in one!

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Lathe of Heaven (2002)

There were a lot of things I liked about the new A&E adaptation of this sci-fi masterpiece -- the mood, the music, the look of the Future, etc -- but ultimately, I was disappointed with it. The problem wasn't with anything they did... it was the omissions that bugged me. Massive, glaring omissions... some of the best and most memorable moments of the story were deleted. It felt like I'd fallen asleep in the middle and missed all the best parts. All the really weird stuff was left out... they didn't even depict George's dreams! So although the special effects don't measure up to current standards, the 1980 adaptation is still the one to see.

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Stepford Citizen Syndrome: Top 10 Signs Your Neighbor is Brainwashed

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Piggy Hunter

"I keep a copy of Proton in my briefcase, as well as in my tournament deck box. This little game looks like one of those sliding-number puzzles, but the sinister minds at Looney Labs made it much more devious than that. You can play this one solitaire or with a friend for a really challenging experience." -- John Kaufeld, "Got A Minute? Games To Play Between Rounds", Scrye Magazine, Issue 53, September 2002

Thursday, September 19, 2002
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Three Sketches for Zendo

This week finds us digging in on new production work, in particular Zendo. Here you see a few production sketches we've gotten for the design of the box-top. The first is by Alex Bradley, whom we have chosen to do the final artwork for the box. Alex is the local artist who did the cartoons for Chort's game Rat Race (the Beta edition of which is debuting here this week, with a review by toK) and who just got engaged to our friend Renee. We've had several meetings with Kory and our various artist/designer friends, and we're all pretty psyched about the direction in which Alex is going with the box art. Meanwhile, we've also selected a vendor for the Zendo stones we'll be using, and Jake has written up the 16 starter rules we'll be including on a set of little cards, so the first "powered-by-Icehouse" board game is really starting to shape up.

The other two sketches, seen below, are by John Cooper's brother Eric. We liked Eric's work very much, but even with modern cyber-communications at our disposal, the fact that he's currently living in Japan has made it difficult for us to work together collaboratively. So even though we've decided to give the final job to Alex, we wanted to show off the nice work Eric did. Thanks for the design sketches Eric!

Of course, we're also still working, as always, on SuperFRED. Over the weekend, Marlene came to visit, in part to put on her Web Designer hat and review SuperFRED's current version with us, to give us her insights on usability issues and such. Here's a picture of Kristin and Mar during one of the review sessions.

Meanwhile, our programming intern Liam is frequently here, programming away... and yet there's still so much programming work to be done. As Kristin says, SuperFRED is wiggling his toes, but in order to continue stalling his official release, this week's new products are being offered through our old e-store software. (But don't worry, it still works... in fact, much of the back end processing is now being handled by SuperFRED.)

Lastly, because of an increase in the cost of making wooden nickels, and because Q-Turn isn't exactly our hottest seller, we have decided to drop it out of our primary product line. Rather than keep it in wholesale distribution until it runs out and then be faced with the problem of reprinting it, we've decided to reserve the current edition's dwindling supply for our online customers at the Short Run Depot. When they're gone, we'll probably bring it back in a limited, deluxe edition.

AndyHave a great week!

the story so far

Thought Residue
Now that George has passed on and can no longer veto Paul's plans, it looks like we'll finally get to hear the long-lost Beatles track "Carnival of Light", a 14-minute piece recorded in 1967 at the same time as "Penny Lane." Paul said in this interview that "It's very avant garde" and that George "didn't like it." How bad is it really? I can't wait to find out!
"What if Osama bin Laden sent squads of armed men into U.S. cities to attack medical facilities? What if those terror squads stormed clinics, stole confidential medical records and literally took medicine from the sick and dying? That is precisely what the Drug Enforcement Administration is doing in California." -- Target America: The DEA and You
This weekend I made a batch of fudge, as I often do... but instead of pouring it into a pan to cool as always, I first poured some of the steaming hot fudge onto vanilla ice cream, and it was great! (This may seem obvious, but for me it was a bold new experiment in dessert technology. I've been making this fudge for over 30 years, but I've never thought to try this until now.)


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