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Thursday, December 7, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Here Come the Holidays

Although you'd think from the continuing election coverage that it was still autumn, we are now officially into the holiday season, and this week finds us really starting to notice it. The orders are pouring in now, and just keeping up with the outgoing mail is eating up a lot of our time. (We're also running out of packing peanuts again; as you begin receiving packages this holiday season, remember that the best way to recycle is to re-use, so save all that styrofoam packing material and give it to a local mail-order business, such as Looney Labs.)

With Christmas now just a couple of weeks away, we're working out our gift lists, both the long overdue suggestions list and our internal shopping notes (but of course, I can't really say too much about the latter plans right now). A lot of our time is still going into Secret Project 44-CC (or CC for short as it's now being called); although we met the major production deadline last week, there's plenty of follow-up work to do. Since we'll be releasing CC as a Factory Showroom item early next year, the time is now to begin providing our distributors with catalog blurbs and sample art, which they can use to pitch the game to their retailers. (This week we wrote the first piece of marketing text for the game, and the reactions from the buyers who've seen it so far have been very encouraging!) To give our distributors adequate time to release CC through their channels, we've settled on an official release date of Feb 15th (which also just happens to coincide with Toy Fair). The copies we give away during the holidays will be the only ones available until then.

The Xmas cards have started arriving, with the first being from Weird Al himself (his is a particularly nice one this year, too). Unfortunately, our own holiday mailing has been repeatedly delayed, relegated to the back burner by more urgent work. We first started planning the next issue of the Geronimo Inquirer back in October; at one time we thought it would be a Halloween issue, then a Thanksgiving issue, and finally, a regular mid-December issue. Now it's looking like it'll be one of those holiday leftovers you get in early January. (I'm OK with that... I just don't want it to be one of those rare xmas letters you get in mid-July.)

Speaking of things in July, the deadline for submitting events for the Origins pre-mailing is in early January, so as if we don't have enough on our minds right now, we've also been doing some initial Origins event planning. Fortunately, Liam has volunteered to help us work up the schedule of events for the next Big Experiment. Thanks Liam!

We've been to our first holiday party of the season, and we've even started receiving gifts already. Erskin and Marcella were in town for a couple of days (Erskin was here for a job interview) and they gave us a lovely pyramid-shaped, uh, water sculpture thing, containing icehouse pieces that float up and down in a column of bubbles. (No, really!)

Anyway, we have yet to deck the halls or get a tree, but we're starting to feel the holiday spirit out here at Wunderland. How about you?

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the story so far

Thought Residue
"My assistant, holding the ladder, was the annoying chubby skateboard-bully neighbor-kid, rendered meek with voice a-quaver by the blackout" -- the line that made me bust out laughing as I read of Rash's locked-out-during-a-power-outage adventure, in the 12/5/00 entry of his weblog
"My personal favorite is using Get There First on Videotape of the Creation of the Universe - exactly where did you get to, five minutes before the creation of the universe?" -- Chris Byler, in a message about Chrononauts posted on on 12/2/0
"The art on the cards is beautiful, but the game is a big snooze. Imagine dominos with any sense of strategy or skill sucked out of the game. That's Aquarius." -- Miranda's review of Aquarius at (where she also sums up her opinion of Fluxx with the word "Suxx"). Ouch! Well, at least she likes my artwork. [And hers is the only Aquarius review on their site! I hope someone posts an alternate viewpoint soon...]

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