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I'm standing in the kitchen, pointing back and forth between Jenny and Gina, who are sitting at the kitchen table laughing. "That's worse! Because I know the difference between you two, I just accidentally say Gina or John -- I mean Gina or Jenny!"

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hebdomad (heb'-duh-mad) n. 1: a group of seven 2: a period of seven days; a week

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Billy Elliot :)
Hmmm - ballet dancer
or death from black lung disease?
That is a tough choice.

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The Florida Recount

Two would-be presidents battle to the political death in a real-life drama that is the only thing I've been watching all this week. I'm reminded of the words of the great Willy Wonka (as depicted in the film): "The suspense is killing me! I hope it'll last..."

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CounterCoup.orgFruits of Chaos
Dr. Seuss Went To War

Thursday, November 16, 2000
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? Just Another Exciting Week

This certainly is an exciting week on the national scale, but as usual, there's lots of cool stuff going on at our local level as well. First, we've been busting our humps on an upgrade of our online shopping center; second, we've been playing a lot of my very newest game; and thirdly, we're getting ready to host our third Pop-Tart Cafe.

Behold, the new horizontal signpost header for the Looney Labs trio of storefronts, the Factory Showroom, the Short Run Depot, and Contagious Dreams:

Alert readers will also notice that the distinction between the Factory Showroom and the Short Run Depot is something new. This is our solution to a problem we've been struggling with ever since our games started getting picked up by retailers and the distributors they buy from. For 10 years, Kristin and I have been manufacturing experimental products on a short run scale and selling them direct to consumer; but as we seek to transition from that era to the retail store model, we are finding our older stuff something of a burden. Now as always, we can't afford to sell our short run products to retailers, since we can't get them produced cheaply enough to fund the middlemen. What's changed is that now we've got retailers selling our main line of games who are also starting to find out about our short run stuff, and wishing they could carry that as well. So we've been needing to more explicitly draw the distinction between the products we offer to retailers, and the ones which we unfortunately cannot. Hence the new separation of goods. Also, be sure to notice too that the pages at now sport a new footer.

Sometimes a game takes a long time to develop, and sometimes it comes together quickly. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned having had a game idea (codenamed Secret Project 44-CC), and it's proving to be one of those games that practically invents itself. This week I built the first complete prototypes, and it's testing so well that we're strongly considering putting it on the extremely fast track towards being our Annual Holiday Gift -- it's just that good. (What we're otherwise planning to do is an older idea that can easily wait until another year.) The only problem is, the holidays are fast approaching, and we'd have to deliver the final production art for this game to the printers in just 11 days, if we're going to meet our own local holiday delivery schedule. (As it often seems to for me, inspiration has struck as the last possible second.) So, we've been playtesting this thing like crazy these last couple of days and plan to step up that campaign during the next few, including at this weekend's Pop-Tart Cafe at PhilCon, so if you'll be there, maybe you can get in on some of the playtesting. We shall see how it goes.

Also this week, the missing pallet of Chrononauts finally arrived, we sent out hundreds of free demo copies of the game to retailers (for use in doing in-store demos), and we held another Icehouse set assembly party. (Thanks again Margit, Ed, Carol, Kory, Dale, and Lynne for all your help!)

AndyAs for the upcoming Pop-Tart Cafe, well, we really need to start getting ready for that...

the story so far

Thought Residue
Lemme get this straight: 19,000 ballots in Florida were thrown out because they were double-punched for Gore and Buchanan, a direct result of letting a bad graphic designer create the ballot. And now Bush is winning, by a mere 300 votes. Why not divide the dual vote ballots between the candidates affected, in percentages according to the national average? Oh yeah, because the national average doesn't count.
Research has shown there's a link between laughing and reduced risk of heart disease! Finally, proof for all the humor-impaired people in the world that comedy is important.
"When they talk to the manager, tell him to fire himself and leave me in charge." -- overheard waiter at the International House Of Pancakes

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