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Thursday, November 15th, 2007

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Blade Runner: The Final Cut  %}

The last replicant
of its kind: meaner, darker,
but still beautiful.

Tony vs. Paul

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Transparent Screens

"We had premiered Zombie Fluxx at out store on Halloween night (at Alterniverse in Salt Point, New York), which I'm happy to say turned out to be a SCREAMING SUCCESS!!! We had 15 players show up for the demonstration (12 of these players were new and had never played any of the Fluxx games before). Your new Fluxx game has our people hooked and craving for more. As always, Thank you again for giving us a really cool game!" -- Nikki O'Shea

Paul Krugman regained, RTW plans and various links including some video silliness

Zombies Eat Brains, etc

You'd think I wouldn't have this problem anymore, now that I'm only updating this page every other week, but I'm finding myself with nothing specific to write about. So it's time for a bulletized list!

  • The second in our series of Zombie Fluxx postcards (featuring a punch-out promo card) is now available in our webstore for anyone who didn't get one free in the mail. (Meanwhile, the third postcard is now at the printers and will be going into the mail at the end of the month...) This second card features a zombie-themed Goal for your original Fluxx deck called Zombies Eat Brains, which lets the player with Death win if the Brain is somewhere on the table. (Sign up for the Fluxx Fan Club to get in on the next postcard mailing!)
  • The Purple Bag is returning! They'll be slightly different this time... due to new production limitations we had to redo the logo as a simplified single-color version instead of the 2 color style of the original. But other than they'll be the same excellent little bag, which I still use to carry around my own collection of our games. Order yours now to get in on the Special!
  • Meanwhile, a bunch of our other old products are going away. We're looking to reduce the number of items we're selling by clearing out some of the slow-sellers which we don't plan to republish, so check out the deals (30%-50% off!) in the clearance center!
  • Also available at our webstore is the new edition of Search Ponder and Play, published by the Mormon game company Covenant Communications. SP&P is based on my game Aquarius and is published with our permission (since my name appears on the box and stuff). It's just like Aquarius but with all-different artwork. Meanwhile, my new Hippie Festival game for the Stonehenge system is featured in the new Nocturne expansion which is scheduled to arrive next week!
  • For my birthday, Dad took the family out to that skewers of meat place, as I described in a LiveJournal posting. Thanks Dad!
  • Lastly, over at the Looney Labs office (which is located in a neighborhood friend's attic), a squirrel got into a space inside the wall (right between my desk and Alison's) and when we reported this to the landlord, they quickly blocked the hole in the wall through which the squirrel had gained access. Unfortunately, this was a mommy squirrel who'd already had several babies, and she freaked out when she discovered she was locked out of her cozy little apartment, and she kept a vigil on the roof for several days until we figured it out and cut back into the wall to rescue her babies. The good news is that everything turned out fine: she reclaimed her 3 little ones and took them up to a more appropriate nest in the branches of a tree.
AndyThanks for reading, and have a great fortnight!

Thought Residue

I second the motion to switch to using cold water when washing clothes. It happens that I've been doing all the laundry for our household of three for many years, and that I stopped using hot water long ago. My clients and I have been quite satisfied with the results you get from cold laundering, and apparently 90% of the energy used for washing clothes is spent on heating up the water, so it really can make a big difference. (Of course, the really dedicated thing to do is to line dry your clothes like my mom always did, but that's pretty challenging.)

"The court, jail, police, probation and legislative resources being used up to no good end in pursuit and punishment of marijuana criminals are enormous. Those resources could be and should be devoted to more significant criminals whose activities do far more damage to society than those whose crime is smoking (and, sometimes, baking) a weed. The toll on the lives and productivity of people convicted of using a substance that is less damaging, both personally and socially, than the legal-to-use alcohol (or, for that matter, nicotine, which kills even more people than alcohol) is beyond measure. It is the law, not the drug, that takes the toll; and, as in the days of prohibition, the law rewards a few, some of them very bad people, who get enormously wealthy breaking that law, and damages the lives of many others, most of them quite good people." -- Dick Dorworth, "Kudos to 'grass roots' movement," Idaho Mountain Express, Nov 14th 2007
"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies in the final sense a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed." -- President Dwight D. Eisenhower, April 16, 1953 (seen quoted in Laurie Rich's email .sig)