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Thursday, July 26th, 2007

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Sicko  %}

The strongest critics
will simply ad hominem
and refuse treatment.

Plus: Evening  :)

Graphic design via trampoline

Tirade's Choice

Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature

"We just returned from a family reunion in Iowa and I have to tell you guys that teaching the kids to play Fluxx (and CLASSIC FLUXX at that) was the absolute highlight of the trip. I had my mother in law ask where you could find the game, so that's got to say something. You guys really rock. I look forward to seeing your future games." -- comments from "a faithful hippie customer" named Karma

Looking forward to the end of summer school, etc

  • Sorry, no video this time (I haven't yet digested all the footage I got at Origins)

Zombies, Hippies, and Freedom

For this update I have sneak previews of awesome new artwork for 3 of my in-the-works games, each by a different artist. The art samples are pictures of Zombies, Hippies, and Freedom.

First we have this image, for the Pair of Zombies card for new Zombie version of Fluxx. This artwork is by Derek Ring, who we've selected to be the artist for this project. Derek is very busy right now, trying to get all the art we need for the game finished up in the next couple of weeks, so that we can go to press at the start of Gen-Con and thus keep to our in-time-for-Halloween release schedule.

We spent a lot of time debating the look and appearance of Looney Labs-style zombies, and we're really pleased with what we've gotten from Derek so far.

Soon there will be lots more zombies!

The second sneak peek image is this illustration for the game I designed for the Nocturne expansion of Stonehenge. This was done by Howard Lyon and I absolutely love it (you can click on it to get a closer look).

It occurs to me that I've never actually announced the name, or even the theme, of my Stonehenge game until now, but since Paizo has been using it in their ads for Nocturne, I supposed it's time I revealed a little more about my game myself.

My game is called Stonehenge Hippie Festival, and it's about being a hippie at a festival being held at Stonehenge! It's kinda sort of like Chrononauts, in that there are lots of things going on at once, and you win as soon as you accomplish one of three possible missions.

Here's the intro I wrote for the rules: "This game was inspired by the Stonehenge Free Festivals, which started in 1972 but were halted by the British government in the mid-eighties. The turning point came on June 1, 1985, when cops beat up hundreds of New Age Travelers (hippie families living a nomadic lifestyle) in a notorious example of police brutality now known as The Battle of the Beanfield. However, this game takes place in a happier time, when the Hippies were (or will be) free to dance as they wish under the solstice moon at Stonehenge."

This intro inspired Mike Selinker to create a solitaire game called Battle of the Beanfield, which is being included in the Nocturne expansion as a bonus! Paizo is on track to release the expansion in early October, around the same time we bring out Zombie Fluxx.

The final artwork preview is a glimpse at the long-awaited new artwork for Stoner Fluxx. Here you see Freedom, which is my favorite of the 13 new images which will grace the Keeper cards in Stoner Fluxx 2nd Edition. The artist this time is Melinda Rainsberger, and I'm delighted with her work!

This of course brings up the question of when the new version of Stoner Fluxx will be reprinted. Unfortunately, all we can say at the moment is that it won't be soon. We get requests for it all the time... it's been sold out for so long now that First Editions are becoming impossible to get even for die-hard collectors. But we're currently embroiled in a process of corporate governance stuff (we're getting ready to restructure our finances with a limited issue of private stock) and until things shake out from that we really can't decide how best to proceed with this product. [Options include 1) changing the name to Stoner Party 2) republishing it under a new imprint or a different company, or 3) just republishing it ourselves as before.]

All that said, we commissioned new artwork awhile ago, and having sat on these beautiful images for months now, and I just couldn't resist taking this opportunity to finally show off at least one of them. Eventually we'll get back to this, but in the meantime I have to ask y'all to keep being patient.

AndyThanks for reading, and have a great fortnight!

PS: I finally have a LiveJournal account!

Thought Residue
Bob Barr has switched sides and joined the fight against the drug war! Barr was once one of the most aggressive supporters of drug prohibition; he was the author of the "Barr Amendment," through which Congress suppressed Washington DC's 1998 vote to legalize medical marijuana. However, Barr has seen the error of his ways, and has signed on with the Marijuana Policy Project as a lobbyist, urging passage of anti-prohibition legislation such as the Hinchey-Rohrbacher Amendment. For someone like Bob Barr to totally switch sides like this really gives me hope. Even staunch conservatives are finally admitting they've been wrong to support drug prohibition... this is like a former Drug Czar taking a job at NORML.

I see that Subway restaurants are now running a peel & win game like the Monopoly-themed ones McDonald's does from time to time, in this case based on Scrabble. I guess that's the greatest professional accomplishment someone in my field can hope to achieve: seeing one of my game designs used as part of a fast-food chain's instant-win ad campaign. You'll know we've really made it if you ever see Fluxx cards on the side of your beverage container. (Yeah, right.... that'll be the day!)
"Just think about cake for a minute. Oh, it's a miracle, it's so good! I will go anywhere if you say the phrase 'There might be cake.' MIGHT! Not even definitely, there might be cake!" -- Greg Behrendt, heard on Comedy Central's Comic Remix, (from a session recorded in 2001)

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