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Thursday, November 29th, 2007

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Haiku Reviews

Beowulf :|

King Hrothgar's Whoville
(in an uncanny valley)
battles nudity.

Plus: Purple Rain &
House of Games

The Front Fell Off

Tirade's Choice

More Great Big Holes

"My cousin Dave bought Fluxx 3.1 from a Mall in Louisville and brought them over for Thanksgiving and we all had a blast. I had to have a Fluxx game too and I am telling everyone I know about it and your web site. This is the greatest game ever." -- Joseph G, comments with Order #87734

The end of absinthe prohibition and other links

  • Sorry, no new video (I'm currently taking a few days off)

Beware of the Potato!

This week we're doing not one but two big mailings, each of which features a new marketing thingy we've just made. (Oddly enough, in both cases it's the 3rd in a series.) The first is a new 11"x17" poster, shown here (click on it to see it better). The other is another postcard featuring a punch-out special new Fluxx promo card.

The first big mailing is going out to all the game stores that sell our games, and along with this cool new "Beware of the Potato" poster (which was created for us by Sarah Adams) we're also sending them some free samples of the Tenth Anniversary Party Packs, which of course feature the dangerous spud depicted on the poster.

The second big mailing, of the new promo card postcard, is going out to everyone in our database, and since I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone who might read this page before they get theirs in the mail, I'm not going to reveal what this new card actually is at this time.

Getting these two big mailings done has been a lot of work, of course, particularly since our fulfillment team is already extra busy right now dealing with the holiday spike in sales. Thanks as always to Brian and his team at PMC, to our programmer Craig for all his behind-the-scenes work, and to Kristin for all the hours she spent wrangling our databases.

The new poster and the new postcard will both become available soon at the Accessories department of our Webstore.

AndyThanks for reading, and have a great fortnight!

Thought Residue

We have a new corporate catchphrase: Smart Games for Smart People. We've been trying it on for awhile now and it's been getting very favorable responses, so this week we decided to make it official, by registering it with the Patent & Trademark Office.

"It used to be that 'conservatives' were in favor of smaller government, fiscal responsibility, and tighter constraints on the Man's ability to monitor you, arrest you, and control your life." -- Zarf's email .sig
"Five hundred top economists, including three Nobel Prize winners, sent a letter to President George W.  Bush saying if legalized and regulated like tobacco and alcohol, it could produce revenues of $6.2 billion a year. So instead of losing $10 billion, the economy could make $6.2 billion and that money could be taxed. This does not include the amount of revenue that a legalized, industrial hemp industry could produce... Whether it is moral, economic or practical, there is no good argument for continued prohibition. It is time to hold these politicians and grand-standers who waste billions on this fruitless venture accountable, and finally do the one thing that makes sense: Legalize it." -- Andrew O'Connor, "Legalize It," The Daily Egyptian, 29 Nov 2007