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Secondhand Lions :)

Some secondhand lines
with a few first rate actors
makes a great kid's film.

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"Treehouse is mind-bogglingly easy to both learn and play, and easy to expand upon. To start with, the publisher makes rules for another three little games available on its website that can be played with the one Treehouse tube. With three Treehouse sets of one type, and the 3HOUSE rules booklet, it is possible to play what are considered to be the best classic games of the Icehouse system -- IceTowers, Martian Chess, and Binary Homeworlds. Five Treehouse sets are enough to play every Icehouse game! Another beer 'n' pretzels game, Treehouse is very pocket friendly, both in terms of packaging and pricing, making it the perfect entry into the Icehouse system." --Matthew Pook's review of Treehouse in this week's issue of Pyramid magazine


Thursday, July 6th, 2006
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What's New?

Congrats to Steve & Amy!

Well, we're back from Origins and it was the best one yet! There are many stories to tell, but I'm going to save most of them for the Full Report which I plan to post next week. For now, I'd like to focus on one special event that took place at our 7th Big Experiment: The Wedding of Steve & Amy!

Steve Hoffman has been one of our most splendid Rabbits for many years now, and has been participating in our annual Origins spectacular since 2002. Anyway, he sent us an email a couple of months ago, and... well, let me just quote from that message here, since he tells the story best in his own words:

"Me and my girlfriend wanted to ask you a question, feel free to say no. We met at a game store, and the only games we both played were games from your company... We knew we were both going to Origins, and we were wondering if we could have about five to ten minutes in-between game slots to be married at the lab? We'd of course get a bunch of cake and cookies to give to the perplexed gamers to make up for the interruption, and we would want to buy a bunch of Happy flowers to throw as a bouquet. This is in no way the only way to accomplish our goals, but I know I'd love to share our special day with a lot of people who have in general just made us smile over the years and gave us something that we can both agree is fun."

Of course, we couldn't say no to such a romantic and modest request, so in between our tournaments and games, we also hosted a surprise wedding! Yay!!!

Things went off pretty much as Steve originally envisioned, complete with the tossing out of Happy Flowers at the end. Liam officiated the ceremony, which was particularly charming since they'd written their own vows, in a classic Suessian style. After they were pronounced husband and wife, everyone shared in cake and cookies and candies, plus there was one more surprise: a special set of Promo Cards!

That's right, Steve & Amy created their very own Fluxx mini-expansion for their wedding! They found a printer near them (Niagara Colorworks) capable of making short runs of special Fluxx cards and produce their own set, as shown above. They were giving away little envelopes containing a complete set of these cards to everyone at the wedding, and while they did run out of the supply they brought, Steve asked me to mention that he's got leftovers at home, so while supplies last he'll be happy to send a set to anyone who mails them a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. Steve will be posting his mailing address for this offer on his Rabbit Page, so please look there for details on where to send your SASE...

AndyHere's hoping Steve & Amy have a wonderful life together!

Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

Thought Residue
This week I finally got around to trying out the computerized adaptations of several of our games which Zarf & Jmac & the others at Volity.com have been implementing... and they rock! Nice job, guys! Zarf mentioned at Origins that he's thinking about doing a version of Homeworlds soon... wow, I'd sure love to see that! Particularly if they can create a "Starship Captain" Bot to play against!

A couple of random memorable quotes overhead by Robin at Origins:

  • "There's 3 of us?!?" -- a werewolf's last words, after someone in the village asserted [incorrectly] that there were 3 werewolves hiding among them
  • "It's like meeting Willy Wonka!!!" -- words of fan after getting an autographed Andy Looney Keeper card
"Before the 29th, I had read about this and I knew many, many things about eclipses. And yet it turned out that I was completely unprepared... Words cannot describe the force of this stare. I had planned to spend totality roaming the helipad, observing the reactions of the other eclipse watchers, but the instant this stare was upon me I was powerless to move. I was powerless to think. I seemed to be standing waist-deep in honey, holding my brain in a jar." -- Jake Silverstein, describing the experience of seeing a Total Solar Eclipse in the company of the "Eclipse Addicts," hardcore enthusiasts who try to be wherever they need to be every 18 months, so that they never to miss a TSE (a event which most people never experience) in an article in the current issue of Seed magazine

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