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pule (pyool) v.i. to whine or whimper.

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A film crew travels
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Thursday, November 3rd 2005
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

Alison's Great Pumpkin

Did you have a good Halloween? We did! None of us got around to putting on any costumes, but we carved a lot of pumpkins, and 42 kids came to our door asking for free candy. As usual, some of the costumes were great and others were non-existent, but it's a tradition I love and whole-heartedly support. Thanks for stopping by, kids!

We went a little crazy with the pumpkins this year, and by we I mean Alison. The online photo album contains pictures of all the pumpkins we did, but the one you see here was the hands-down winner, partly due just to its size... this was a REALLY big pumpkin! It weighed 117 pounds before Alison cut into it!

To give you an idea of just how big this pumpkin was, take note of the frog's bulging eyeballs. Those are other pumpkins!

You can also tell how big this pumpkin from this photo Alvaro took on the day Alison bought it. As you can see, she liked it so much she just had to get it!

It was the biggest pumpkin ever carved at any of Kristin's 20 pumpkin carving parties, although it wasn't actually carved until the following night. (Alison was busy carving a Totoro pumpkin, among others, during the official party.) It took a long time to create the giant frog, too; she was just getting started when I left to go to a poker game, and when I got back 6 hours later (after winning $17), she was still working on it!

In other news, Kristin's grandmother Holtzen has finally passed away, after a 92 year adventure here on Earth. On Saturday, we attended her memorial service, and it was touching -- just exactly what she would have wanted. Kristin read a letter Gma had written about 10 years ago, describing how happy she'd been with her life.

After the service, we went to the impromptu family reunion that funerals always cause, where Kristin enjoyed a few games of EcoFluxx with her sister, who now lives in Texas, and her cousins, who live in California and Arizona.

We came home that day with several paintings Gma Holtzen had done, and fond reflections on how she had inspired those around her with her energy. Rest in peace, Gma!

AndyThanks for reading, have a great week, and Don't Forget to Play!

Thought Residue

Perhaps you've heard that the Rockettes (of Radio City Music Hall) have gone on strike, just as their huge Christmas Spectacular was ready to begin. Our friend Dawn designed a bunch of the sets for the production, so we're really hoping they can work things out so that the show can go on. But if they don't, Kristin & Alison & Petra will have the dubious distinction of being among the few who actually got to see the show this year, since they took a quick day trip to NYC on Tuesday to see a dress rehearsal performance (for which Dawn had comp tickets). They say it was an awesome show... let's hope everyone else who wants to see it will get the chance!

"Colorado authorities promptly announced their intention to ignore the collective will of the state's largest city.  Because the ballot question creates only a city ordinance, Attorney General John Suthers said Denver police would still go after pot smokers by bringing charges under state law.  Mr.  Suthers labeled the vote 'unconstructive' and was backed up by Denver's mayor and city attorney. When did majority votes that limit the power of the government cease to count in this country?" -- Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial, on the occasion of Denver's vote in favor of marijuana legalization
"Yoder admitted on January 18 [1968] that he had made the whole thing up because of his 'concern over illegal LSD use by children.' The 'distraught and upset' Commissioner Yoder was immediately suspended from his post as he checked himself into the Philadelphia Psychiatric Center, where he spent four weeks before being permanently removed from his position with the Welfare Department. (Although Dr. Norman Yoder is the name now mentioned whenever this story is discussed, the creation of this legend should be credited to the anonymous hoaxster[s] who had planted the 'blinded students' articles in California newspapers eight months earlier.) As usual, the unraveling of the legend received far less attention from the press than its sensational outbreak had produced, and it remained a widely believed drug horror story throughout the next decade." -- Snopes, "Blinded by the Light"

"A coworker on a traveling job with me made me play Fluxx all over the country, in bars, cafes, RV repair place waiting rooms... I bought my own deck in Louisville, and then I taught it to my cousin in California. It's been a long journey." -- Stephanie D, comments with order #79212

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