Halloween 2005

Here are the pumpkins we carved this year, at Kristin's 20th annual pumpkin carving party. Aren't they lovely?

Check out our pumpkins from other years!


The star of this year's pumpkin show was this giant frog carved by Alison. (Read more about Alison's Great Pumpkin in the WWN entry for 11/3/5.)

Alison also did this awesome Totoro pumpkin...

...and this sad pumpkin...

...and also this one, which is one of those strange albino pumpkins.

Here's what it looks like with the lights on.

These 2 are by Rich and Izolda. (Rich's is on the left, Izolda's is on the right.)

#12 did this little cat...

... and this sun was done by someone we just met named Rachel.

The one on the left above is by Petra; the one on the right is by Andy, and the 3-eyed beast in the middle was done by Emily.

Here's another group shot, this time with the huge frog included. Note that the updside down pumpkin to the left of the frog was by Liam.

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