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The Day The Earth Stood Still :)

A robot, with his
pet human, takes over Earth
-- by just standing still.

Tirade's Choice
USA as Perceived by Tremble's Racist Aunt

"One mother and children became regulars that day at the tables. Already owning Fluxx, the mother and two children were keen to see what else there was to offer. They played Zendo and Aquarius and when they were ready to leave they asked what other games we had (just for reference). I mentioned Chrononauts and they liked the sound of it but to play later, but when I outlined the premise of Nanofictionary they were dragging mother back to the table to play! When they finally left the little boy was begging his mother to buy Nanofictionary (which was on sale just next to us at the stall near our tables). 'No, we have to buy Daddy's present,' said the mother. 'Buy him Nanofictionary!' said the young convert excitedly." -- Rabbit report submitted by Nimrod Jones

Thursday, August 4th 2005
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Play Fluxx & Win Buxx!

OK, so here's the idea I mentioned a couple of weeks ago: we're going to have a contest!

Here is the big Question for the month of September:

Who can play Fluxx with the largest number of different people in one month?

To find out the answer to this very important question, we are giving away cash prizes. Yes, cash! OK, actually it will be a check. But we're talking actual prize money here!

Not huge amounts... just like $500 or so. But hey, that's a big enough prize to be worth playing some Fluxx for, right? Anyway, it's all we can afford right now. Maybe if it works out and we do more contests, we can offer bigger prize amounts. Plus there'll be a 2nd place prize ($250) and a 3rd place prize ($100), AND we'll give away a bunch of brand new EcoFluxx decks, too!

And as if all that weren't enough, we're going to give everyone who enters 5 Rabbit points just for playing! Of course, to make use of those, you'll need to be an officially registered Rabbit, but hey, we think anyone who's serious about going after this prize should be a registered Rabbit anyway.

This of course raises the question of how you enter, what you must do to qualify, and so on. And before I go on, I should point out that these plans are still tentative... we need to do some more checking to make sure we really can do this, and our official application forms with appropriate legal sounding stuff in fine print on the bottom) aren't done yet (in fact, they're still just sketches). For example, I'm sure we'll need to say Offer Void Where Prohibited By Law.

Anyway, we'll be making forms available for contestants to track all the games they play during the month of September. To prevent anyone from getting a head start (and because they aren't done yet - did I mention Kristin, Alison, and Marlene are all out of town on vacation this week and we still haven't finalized the EcoFluxx tuckbox?) the official Record Keeping Sheets will not be available for download until August 31st.

The Record Keeping Sheets will be your method of tracking who you've played Fluxx with, and when. When you play someone you haven't played yet this month, you'll add their name to your log. They'll need to sign it and date it and provide a phone number so that we can do some fact checking of the top scoring entries. (We'll be promising in that to-be-written fine print that we will use this information only for Good, never for Evil, and really only in the event of the player in question being a winner, and as soon as the results are tabulated, we will shred all the forms and burn the shredded bits in a ceremonial blaze to be held in the campfire circle on the mountainside behind Marlene's Happy Cabin.)

To be eligible, you will need to mail us your completed forms with a postmark no later than October 5th 2005. We'll be mailing out the prizes as soon as we've satisfactorily tabulated and authenticated the results.

Remember, anyone who competes at all, by sending in a form showing they've played Fluxx with at least one other person during the month of September, will be eligible to receive 5 free Rabbit points. Also, they'll be entered into a random drawing for 10 EcoFluxx decks! The top 10 scoring players will also be receiving a free EcoFluxx deck.

Whew! Isn't that exciting! Don't answer yet, because I'm not done!

As long as we're sending our Rabbits out to play Fluxx with everyone they know, we've thought of another little challenge -- with similar incentive -- to throw into the mix.

Here is the next big Question:

Who can play Fluxx with the Most Famous Person before Halloween?

How do you define "Most Famous" I hear you asking?

We let the people vote, of course!

To enter this competition, you will need to not only find someone famous and get them to play a game of Fluxx with you (and posing with it ain't enough, you have to play one at least one complete game to qualify) and also, of course, get a photo of them in the act.

These photos will be vital not only to prove you actually were playing Fluxx with a V.I.P. but also because we'll be posting them on our website and allowing our community to decide democratically who the most famous person in the bunch really is. To be eligible, you will need to mail us a photo no later than November 5th 2005. And we'll have another prize! Another $500 will be awarded to the winner of this contest!

OK, that's enough exciting news for now.

Does anyone know of any reason why we can't or shouldn't do all this?

AndyHave a great week, and thanks for reading!

Thought Residue
Remember that radio personality, Paul Harvey? The line I always quote from him is "...and that's the rest of the story." He recently spewed out a pretty amazing rant, endorsing racism, genocide, and wartime aggression, all wrapped up in references to an interesting quote from Winston Churchill (which was in regard to the strength of the American people in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor): "We didn't come this far because we are made of sugar candy." Anyway, I just learned the rest of Paul Harvey's story: in 1944 he stole an airplane and was discharged from the Army Air Corps on Section 8 charges! (You know, the crazy way out Klinger was always trying to get on M*A*S*H!)

"In June, researchers at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute released the results of a yearlong study showing that driver distractions -- including such low-tech basics as eating, chatting with passengers, and fiddling with the radio -- account for nearly 80% of crashes." -- Michelle Cottle, "My Roving Barcalounger," an essay with the sub-heading "Our New Minivan Has So Many Extra Gizmos You Might Forget You're Driving," Time Magazine, August 1, 2005, page 72
"Medical marijuana has nothing to do with 'potheads' wanting a good time.  It has to do with people in pain who need relief.  Someone very close to me decided to stop smoking marijuana, not for medical reasons, but for himself.  After about three weeks, he started to lose vision in his left eye. The doctor told him it was glaucoma and prescribed marijuana in pill form, but his condition only got worse.  He eventually started smoking again, and he now has 20/20 vision. So, Stuart Caesar, you mean to tell me that he just should have gone blind and moved on with his life? I don't think so.  If smoking marijuana is preventing someone's pain, then more power to them.  The pill form obviously is not strong enough.  I feel only pity for someone who has such a strong opinion on something they obviously know nothing about." -- Kimberly Montanya, "On Marijuana, This Caesar Has No Clothes"

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