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I take a sip of tea. I'm very dizzy. The upstairs neighbor's dog barks.

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flagitious (flah-jish'-us) adj. shamefully wicked; villainous; atrocious; scandalous; heinous; iniquitous; execrable

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Super Troopers %}

Real trooper humor,
with sexy German thieves and --

Daddy-O's Reviews

Somewhere in Time

Haunting romantic fantasy in which Christopher Reeve wishes himself back to 1912, to meet an actress whose photograph he fell in love with. Reminiscent of the works of Jack Finney, it was written by noted Twilight Zone author Richard Matheson, who gave Finney a nod in the form of a college professor (named Finney) who Reeve goes to for advice on traveling back in time. But about that gold pocketwatch he's given at the start of the film... if he takes it back in time and leaves it there to be cherished and eventually returned to him, then where did it come from originally?

Tirade's Choice

What Pre-1985 Video Game Character Are You?
(I'm a Pacman Ghost.)

"Just wanted to say you guys are great and I love introducing people to your games! On Christmas eve I convinced a bunch of my relatives to play Fluxx. They all started out assuming I was introducing them to some "lame" game or something...I'm happy to say though that after one game they couldn't get enough of it, and kept on coming back for more Fluxx all night!" -- Comments accompanying an order, from Joseph, of Ohio

Thursday, February 21, 2002
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

  • The Ember Update: A new site design, a gaming party at Ammy's, Alice in Wonderland (1933), and Valentine's adventures
  • Rash put up some pictures from his recent adventure in Asia
  • GinohnNews - Three Completely Different Parties
  • Ginohn updated 3 Hankisms (Wicca, Amway, & Kibology) and added 2 new ones
  • There's also a new picture of goblets in Gina's Pottery
  • And don't miss last week's HMR: Black Hawk Down

What's Going On? Back from Toy Fair

Hello. Even though it's been two weeks since my last update and lots of stuff has happened, this report will be brief. The reason for this is that I'm still feeling half dead. As soon as we returned from Toy Fair in New York, our entire household was clobbered by a really nasty flu bug that shut down operations here for most of the past week. Kristin and Alison took ill before me, and they're both recovered enough now to return to work, but while I've improved greatly, I'm still moving pretty slow.

Anyway, Toy Fair was great, the best one we've ever done. We gave out tons of sample product (Fluxx decks in particular) and collected lots of business cards, and soon our new Sales Baron Alvaro (that's him lurking on the right hand side of the booth in this photo) will be calling everybody we met back, trying to talk all those buyers into carrying whatever they took home a sample of in their stores. (It is SO nice to have someone around who will actually do this all-important follow-up!)


OK, I have to go back to lying on the couch feeling achey again...


the story so far

Sorry, I didn't manage to get a cartoon drawn this week. I'm sick.

Thought Residue
Kristin was on NPR! "All Things Considered" did a 5 minute spot on board games at Toy Fair, and they ended the segment with an interview of Kristin, talking about Fluxx!
Why do hotel maids throw away the barely-used li'l soaps each time they clean, even when the guest isn't checking out? Do we really need to put all that soap in the landfills?
"This week's saying: How will we know when drug laws are fair and equitable? When beer drinkers and cigarette smokers get prison sentences for possessing dangerous drugs." -- M.L. Simon, "Drug Related"


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