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Thursday, May 17th, 2007

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It really happened, but worse,
could happen again.

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"I can't get enough of Fluxx. It is my favorite. Every chance I get, I set up a game. My second favorite is Aquarius. My wife and I play at least one game, usually two or three, every Friday night, after we get our 4 year old in bed. Lately I had a chance to play 'Are You a Werewolf' with a large group of people. Awesome Fun! And I am NOT a Werewolf, really its not me, its that guy over there! " -- Bob Winans, Endicott, NY

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  • sorry, too busy working on 3HOUSE to make a movie this week

It's Just Like This Time Last Year (almost)

I just got this intense deja-vu kind of feeling, by reading a webpage I wrote almost exactly a year ago. It's like everything I said about what was going on in the week of May 25 2006 is happening this week too!

In the first paragraph, I talk about 3HOUSE, and how I'm finally making serious progress on it. (The difference is, last year I was saying it was a bigger job than I'd been expecting, and that there was no way I'd be done with it in time for Origins; whereas this year, I'm hoping we'll be selling it at Origins, since I finally finished the first complete draft just yesterday.)

The main body of the article is about the artwork for the Icehouse Tournament medallions, and I've been dealing with all the same issues as I work on preparing the medals for this year's series of tournaments. (The difference is that last year the new artwork I made wasn't well suited to become a permanent standard and anyway, I was still of a mind to continue the tradition of creating something fresh each year; whereas this year, I've decided that whatever we use will become the artwork we use every year, and needs to be developed with that in mind.)

Then in the final paragraph, I talk about a cool new Icehouse game I'd just invented, which I refuse to reveal any details about but promise to playtest with anyone I encounter in person. (The difference is that last year, it was Martian Coasters, and this year, it's Secret Project 3H-1.)

Amazingly enough, even the Thought Residues from a year ago seem perfectly appropriate for this week; the first two are about social problems I still worry about a lot (and about which nothing has changed), while the third features wonderfully ironic quotes from a movie which is entirely about doing the same thing over and over again at a certain time each year.

Of course, not everything is the same... last year we were getting ready to publish the Holy Fluxx expansions, whereas this year, the new Fluxx thing we're doing is all about zombies. Last year we'd just gotten back from a trip to Canada, and were still thinking about moving up there, whereas now, we've just gotten back from a trip to West Virginia, which is where we're currently thinking of moving to eventually. And lastly, a year ago Laura Marsh (shown above) was just a random fan I'd met once at a convention, but now, she's become a good friend and a regular visitor to our house.

Anyway, there's a look at a week in my life, both now and a year ago.
AndyThanks for reading, and have a great week!

Thought Residue
Kory's back! He lived in our neighborhood for 6 years and we've sure been missing him since he went back to California, a little over a year ago. But he decided he liked living here better, and this week, he moved right back to where he used to be!

This evening I met a dude named Forrest and we played Fluxx using his personally-customized Goth-themed Fluxx deck. He has a ton of wacky new cards in there, but my favorite was a New Rule called Photo Shoot: "On your turn, take a picture." At first I thought this might be hard to do in some cases, but then I remembered that cameras are built into everything now! It's a fun rule, give it a try. (PS, sorry we're still out of Fluxx Blanxx, we'll get it back into print as soon as we can...)
"Love many, trust few, do wrong to none." -- personal credo expressed by Yau-Man Chan (my favorite of the competitors on Survivor: Fiji)

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