The Gallery of Big Experiment Medallions

This page features the artwork from the prize medallions awarded to the winners of the events at the Big Experiment of Origins 2000. The original artwork featured here was created by Dan Efran.

Zarcana Master's Tournament:

  Winner: Andrew Plotkin

Finalist: Michelle Lepovic

Finalist: Elliott C. "Eeyore" Evans

Finalist: Andrew Plotkin

Finalist: Kory Heath

The First Interplanetary Martian Chess Tournament:

  Overlord: Jesse Welton

Finalist: John Pierce

Finalist: Phillipp Ellison

Finalist: Jesse Welton

Finalist: Liam Bryan

IceTowers Tournament:

  Winner: John Cooper

Finalist: Alison Frane

Finalist: John Cooper

Finalist: Nick Albright

Finalist: Liam Bryan

The Eleventh International Icehouse Tournament:

Finalist: Jacob Davenport

Finalist: Liam Bryan

Finalist: Jesse Welton

Finalist: Eeyore

Cooler Than Ice: Eric Zuckerman

Winner: Eeyore

IceTraders Tournament:

Runner-up: Jacob Davenport

Champion: Brad Weier

Runner-up: Tucker

Champion: Hey, the other guy didn't sign the book!

Aquarius Tournament:

Longest Hair: Jesse Welton

Finalist: David Keller

Finalist: Janice L Filion

Finalist: Gabrielle R. Sempf

Finalist: Jesse Welton

Winner: Lawrence Barry

Fluxx World Championships:

Finalist: Mary Deignan

Finalist: Bill Manning

Finalist: Jeff Heng

Finalist: Stephen Zelonis

Finalist: Dave Bennett

Winner: Stephen Zelonis

Pyramid Quantity Prediction Test:

Best Guess: Gabrielle R. Sempf

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