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Happy Endings :|

The director, like
the director in the film,
seems to try too hard.

Tirade's Choice

Strange Soviet Buildings

"I have been taking some LL games with me to the boys' school classes. They have one class on Monday and one on Thursday. I end up playing a lot of Treehouse with the kids in the Study Hall. Usually they are around 5-7th grade. Today a little girl played. She is about 4. She usually just has fun stacking the pyramids on her own. But she played Treehouse today. She lucked in rolling the ones she understood -- HOP, TIP and SWAP usually. Being so young, none of the other players paid any attention to her. She won. She was SO THRILLED to beat all the big kids. Just thought I'd share." -- Kimberly Terrill, posting to the Rabbit list, 11/9/6


Thursday, November 16th, 2006
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What's New?

What's Going On? Hobnobbing with the Trimbles

Over the weekend, Kristin and I went up to Rochester New York to attend Astronomicon 10. Although we're generally trying to cut back for now on the shows we attend, we find it hard to say no when offered the VIP treatment as their official Gaming Guests of Honor, so we went!

Although the weather was yucky and we didn't get to see much of Rochester, we had a great time at Astronomicon. We played our games all weekend in the GameZone, and they sold well in the dealer's room, where they were being sold on our behalf at the table of our friends over at Laughing Pan Productions. Beside playing lots of games, we also attended and presented panel discussions, checked out the art show, went to parties, and generally just had fun hanging out.

The best part about any convention is getting to meet new people, and we made some great new friends this week: The Trimbles! Bjo and John Trimble were the Fan Guests of Honor at Astronomicon 10, and I got excited about meeting them as soon as I heard they'd be there.

Of course, unless you're a Star Trek Geek like me, you may not recognize the name, even though her Wikipedia entry describes Bjo as "one of the most significant figures in the history of science fiction fandom." This entry mentions many of her accomplishments (including the fact that she created the concept of the sci-fi con Art Show, 3 years before I was born), but oddly enough Wikipedia currently doesn't identify the landmark reference book which first put her name into my own brain: The Star Trek Concordance. This excellent book is a comprehensive guide to Star Trek knowledge circa 1976 (i.e. after the Animated Series but before the first movie). The STC was one of my most prized possessions when I was in Jr. High School... it occupied a spot of Bible-like importance on top of the TV for years (eventually being ousted from that sacred position by Marc Scott Zicree's Twilight Zone Companion).

So of course, it was a particular pleasure for me to meet Bjo Trimble and gush about how much that book meant to me, a meeting made all the more fun for me by the fact that she'd heard of me and enjoyed one of my creations as well! When she found out I was the inventor of Fluxx, Bjo described the hilarious time she'd had once, trying to learn Fluxx from a group of drunken people during a thunderstorm. Turns out she has family on both coasts who are fans of our games, and she and John and their daughter Jenn spent far more time than they'd ever expected to at this con playing games and hanging out in our gaming space. (That's John and Bjo, by the way, learning to play my newest game Martian Coasters from Kristin, in the photo above.)

Anyway, it was great fun getting to meet Bjo Trimble and her family. As Captain Kirk said at the end of "Mirror, Mirror" (my favorite episode), "She just seems to be a nice, likable girl... I think we could become friends!" (Speaking of which, during her slide show, Bjo told a great story about how she helped Nichelle Nichols get away with showing off her belly button during the filming of that episode... so if it hadn't been for Bjo taking the observer from Standards & Practices out for a long lunch, who knows, we might have been deprived of seeing Uhura's tummy!)
Thanks for reading, and have a great week!Andy

Thought Residue
I'm calling for a minor change to the rules for Homeworlds. Instead of allowing the first player to enjoy the dual advantages of being one move ahead and getting the best choice from among the Homeworld configuration options, I think the player who goes last should get the first choice for Homeworld setup. (When more than 2 are playing, the Homeworld selection phase should be done in reverse turn order.)

Segregation has ended among the felines in our household! In August we got a new kitten and we've been keeping her isolated from LittleCat, since whenever they got near each other, they immediately tried to kill the enemy cat. But while we were gone, Alison decided that the "getting used to each other" phase had gone on long enough, and opened the border. Squabbles are still common between the black and white spies, but they're working it out and starting to get along! Yay!
I really enjoyed the two lists John posted last week, of good and bad things about our country. A few examples, of Good: "We have invented amazing things, like the internet, lasers, and jazz," and "We have sent men to the Moon, and robots to other planets and outer space," and of Bad: "We torture people. We execute people. We start wars. Our prison population is one of the highest in the world. Our murder rate is one of the highest in the world. We have prohibitions against certain drugs, consensual sex, and gambling." I notice John found 13 Bad things but only 10 Good things to list. Does that means our country is more bad than good?

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