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Alison has gone to camp this week, and by next week we'll all be at Origins, so this site won't be updated again until July 7th

Haiku Reviews

Batman Begins  :)

Batman begins by
tearing Gotham apart. Good.
We needed a change.

Tirade's Choice
Where the Stoners Live (i.e. the NSDUH Report on Marijuana Use in Substate Areas)

"I found Fluxx at a local bookstore. My eight-year-old son loves playing card and board games with me, but usually bounces from one to another. Since we started playing Fluxx, he loves it and almost always wants to play it. So we had to look for blanxx and expansions." -- Joseph of Allegan, MI

Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? Obituary for a Soda Machine

Back around 1994, we bought an old soda machine. The coin mechanism was busted and it had been retired from commercial use partly for that reason, and but mostly because it was obsolete. Even so, it was working fine for our purposes! We put it in the doorway to our game room, and we rigged it up so that you could push a button instead of putting in money and out popped a free soda!

Having a free soda machine in your house is a great way to entertain. Our guests could always be sure they'd get their choice of a lovely cold beverage whenever they visited Wunderland.Earth. That will continue to be true, but now our guests will need to look in the fridge instead of going to the trusty Lovely Beverage Machine for refreshment.

The machine's death was quite sudden and unexpected... it was working fine one day, and completely dead the next. It just flipped the circuit breaker, but our vending machine expert (Vending Plus, inc... thanks Steve!) knew instantly what this meant: the compressor was shot, again. And while we have, more than once in the past, paid more than it was worth in to keep the machine going by having the compressor removed, rebuilt, and replaced, we're not going to this time. It just doesn't make sense anymore, now that we're preparing to move to Canada.

But it sure has been great fun having this machine in our lives. As you can see, we Loonied it up a bit, covering it with daisy stickers and creating this psychedelic marquee panel. We also randomized the contents a bit... some slots (like Coca-cola and the surprisingly popular plain seltzer water) contained just one thing, but the other 3 were a grab-bag: Diet, Caffeine-Free, and Juice.

Now of course, the question is, how do we dispose of it? I guess if we can't find anyone who wants it, we'll have to pay someone to haul it away to a dump. But then again, maybe someone wants it! Perhaps when we get back from Origins, I'll put it up on eBay for a dollar, and we'll see if anyone wants to pay us for the privilege of hauling it away...

AndySee you at Origins!

Thought Residue
"A White House whistle-blower has released documents showing that an administration official, Philip Cooney, has been doctoring U.S. government reports to weaken the evidence for global warming. [...examples...] Cooney isn't even a scientist. Before Bush hired him as his chief of environmental policy, Cooney led the American Petroleum Institute's campaign to cast doubt on global warming." -- The Week, June 24, 2005, page 17

"I cannot understand why it is so critically important to prevent sick Americans who receive relief from smoking marijuana from having this form of treatment, yet it's OK to sell a known carcinogen to smokers. The most recent news in 'Marlboro Country' is that the huge settlements levied against the tobacco companies have been reduced.  Drastically reduced.  First the government wanted to reduce the $280 billion in fines down to $130 billion. But last week on The News Hour, Matthew Myers of the Foundation for Tobacco Free Kids, told the story of an appalling lapse of ethical integrity during the latest tobacco trial, which has been going on for the past eight months. After hundreds of days of evidence presented by the government proving continued rule breaking by the tobacco companies, The Department of Justice ( which had stood firmly behind the expert testimony of its foremost advisor in this case, Dr.  Fiore ) did an abrupt about face at the 11th hour and reduced the suggested $130 billion fine to a mere $10 billion." -- Susan Hanley Lane, "Will The Real 'war On Drugs' Please Stand Up?"
"If Congress can regulate this under the Commerce Clause, then it can regulate virtually anything, and the Federal Government is no longer one of limited and enumerated powers...  In the early days of the republic it would have been unthinkable that Congress could prohibit the local cultivation, possession, and consumption of marijuana." -- Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, in the dissenting view of their June 6th medical marijuana ruling

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