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Keith Baker is a writer, a game designer, and an all around wacky guy. He recently left the computer game industry to focus on a career as a freelance game designer. Before that, he worked VR1 in Boulder, Colorado and Magnet Interactive Studios in Washington DC. While at Magnet, he created some of the very best levels in ICEBREAKER and was a member of another Secret Society, the mysterious CFAB. Before going to work at Magnet, Keith graduated from Bates College, where he was the ringleader of the Bates Discordians, yet another Secret Society, who's members, under Keith's direction, utterly conquered (and almost destroyed) the Fourth International Icehouse Tournament back in 1992. It was also at this event that Keith made a Love Connection with the lovely Ellen, with whom he now lives in Boulder, Colorado, along with a fast moving cat, a large and imposing gorilla, and a very bossy cow.

Keith's hobbies include inventing games, playing games with people and crushing them utterly, making obscure references, and shopping at Target.

new_glint.gif (1775 bytes) Take of Virtual Tour of Keith and Ellen's house in Boulder!

Photos from the game we ran on 4/1/00!

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To the left is Keith at home in Boulder, giving us his innocent look.  This look is especially effective with his wife Ellen.







kandb.jpg (48686 bytes)Keith and Bossy have pizza in Estes Park.



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