Have You Seen Me?

The following is a list of people that we used to know once upon a time. Maybe we were good friends for a while and then drifted apart, maybe we met somewhere once, but never pursued the friendship and now wish we had. In any event, it's now many years later, and we're thinking, "I wonder what ever happened to old What's-his-name?"

The net is a marvelous thing. It will bring our world closer together than anything in history ever has before. It's already happening. And somewhere out there in cyberspace, perhaps some of those people we wish now we hadn't lost track of will find their way to this page, and re-establish contact with whoever wrote their names on the side of this electronic milk carton.

If you know us and have a name you'd like to add to this page, just email it to the webmaster.

Liz Rossi: She was in the musical theatre department with Renee at Univ. of Michigan, possibly a year ahead. She was an awesome choreographer. We worked on a show called Into the Feet (actually, so did Leslie Hunt). She also did figure skating, and in Into the Feet did this hysterical take-off of a skater taking a spill!

Andrew Smith: Andy went to High School with Andrew Smith and on one of the last occasions when they saw each other, Andrew provided an enormous inspiration by giving Andy one of his business cards. "Do you have one?" he asked. When I admitted I didn't, he changed my life by urging me to make one, saying "Everyone should have a business card."

Sabrina Weld: Gina and Sabrina went to Alfred U. together and used to share recipes for lentil soup. She was a puppet maker and once gave me a beautiful handmade cloth wallet which i loved and used until the day it was stolen. I'd love to hear from her again.

Tom Dahlgren: Heidi (North Penn High School '90) and Tom (NPHS '89) went to the "top of the world" in Mansfield the night before she left for Penn State...and ate donuts and swung at Blossburg Elementary playground...and she still thinks about him. Where are you? Monika says you're in California somewhere?

Joy McKenzie Roberts: Lori was roommates with Joy at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 1987-1988. Where are you Roomie? Do you still have my sombrero? (I doubt it, but that's ok) I Miss You! Write me... Please!

David Knabel: Dave helped write characters for Reklone-2. But then Andy lost track of him. FOUND! July 1998

Jeff Baker: In High School, Jeff and Andy (and Dave Knabel) collaborated on a film project, obscurely titled "The Adventures of George the Fish." It was shot on Super 8 and since Jeff owned the camera and the projector, he retained the only copy. Jeff, if you're out there, and if that film still exists, I'd love to get it transfered to videotape!

David P. Connrady: Kristin met him at the Rubik's Cube nationals. He had dyed his hair maroon red for his TV appearance... and ruined quite a number of hotel towels. Where is he now, and what color is his hair? And what about the rest of you guys? Minh Thai, Jeffrey Varasano, Michael Mandell, Tom Niermann, Lance Ahrens, Holden Thorp, Johnathan Cheyer.... where are you? What did you end up doing with your lives?

C (Cynthia) Simon: Andy last saw her when they were both students at the University of Maryland. Now, he finally has a good answer to a question she asked him at a party in 1982.

Erika Grim: You were Marlene's best friend during your last years at Northwestern High School. Then you went to Germany (where she visited you in 1985), and upon your return you drifted away. She'd love to catch up. What creative things are you doing now?

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