Hi, I'm 'Becca. I'm a data manager/analyst on a long-term study of over 1500 young men; I turn interview data into constructed variables, and I look for problems in our 10,000 existing variables. The rest of my time is spent reading, writing, playing with my rabbit, hiking, gardening, and plotting to improve the world. I don't have a home page right now, so you won't read much more about me here. However, Dan Efran and I edit a web site:

The Earthling's Handbook is a guide to the not-so-obvious truths that we feel the enlightened citizen of the planet Earth really ought to know, but that you probably didn't learn in school.

Daniel and I have worked hard on the Handbook. We hope you find it useful. We will keep adding to it, so check back every once in a while. And please tell us what you think of it so far!

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