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Friday, November 18th, 2011

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"As we were about to pick up Martian Fluxx, Isaac saw Star Fluxx next to it, so that game *had* to hit the table right away. About 20 minutes later, in the midst of an unbelievable draw-5-play-all card extravaganza, Isaac's eyes suddenly got wide. 'OH! OH!! First, I'll play Lasers on Stun! to replace He's Dead Captain. Now, I'll play City of Monsters to replace Lasers on Stun! And then I win, because I have the Alien City and the Bug-Eyed Monster and the goal is City of Monsters! Ha! MOM!! MOM!!! I WON, I WON!!!! I BEAT DAD!!!!' Thank you both for a hilariously fun evening!" -- John K, via Facebook

Lots of New Stuff!

Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I've updated this page, nor how quickly those 3 months seem to have gone by. Needless to say, there's been a lot going on! And it's all brand new!

New Releases: First of all, we've recently started selling a bunch of new products, including Star Fluxx and the relaunch of Looney Pyramids. Sales have been great, and both games are getting excellent reviews!

New Website: Our awesome new website is finally online. It's been rebuilt from internal structure to fancy new header, and it features a lot of revised and updated content. There are still some out-of-date pages here and there, and all sorts of pages still need to be moved, but we're extremely happy with the changes so far. Check it out!

New Pyramid Game Rulesheets: Some of the most exciting new materials at our new website are these new rulesheets for pyramid games we've been creating. For many years now we've been experimenting with different ways of formatting the rules for our pyramid games, including as miniature booklets, half-size book pages, and tri-fold pamphlets. The new format uses letter-size sheets that we can release as PDF files of however many pages, which the player can easily print on their own and collect together into a notebook. I was crazy-busy for awhile, working my way through the list of our best games, converting the rules to the new format, and there are now 16 games with rulesheets in the new style available for download at the new site. I've got a bunch of others in the works, and now the community of Starship Captains is beginning to use the new format as a template for their own rulesheets. More will be uploaded there as they are finished and approved!

New Employee: Last month we hired Tom Cadorette for the job of Executive Assistant / Office Manager (or as he prefers it, Person of Many Hats) and so far he's been working out great. Welcome aboard, dude!

New Fluxxes: In my previous update, I talked about 3 new Fluxxes (Oz, Wonderland, and Cthulhu) and we even made a little feedback survey on the subject. Thanks to everyone who voted! Although Cthulhu actually beat Oz, we decided to publish Oz Fluxx first, for various reasons, one of which was artist availability. We really want our go-to artist Derek Ring to illustrate Cthulhu Fluxx but he just wasn't available to work on it right now. However, The Stars Will Be Right for Cthulhu next summer, and Oz Fluxx is now on track for a release in March. We chose a new artist named Michael Hays to illustrate Oz Fluxx, and he's doing a marvelous job of bringing a fresh new look to Baum's classic characters. (As for Wonderland Fluxx... sorry Alice, maybe in 2013.) We haven't actually made the formal announcement on Oz Fluxx yet, but here's a look at the preview graphic we'll be releasing when we do. Isn't it grand?

New Publications: I was honored to be asked to contribute a chapter to a book on game design, and that book has now been published. The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design features chapters by many designers much more famous than me, and as a whole it makes for a powerhouse of information on How To Design A Game. Given how few books there are on that subject, this one is a must-own for anyone interested in the job I do. Also, in support of the book, the authors were asked to write short essays on the board game they themselves first fell in love with. I wrote about Sorry!

New Photographs: I've posted two new galleries of fun photos: the Pumpkins of 2011, and Pano Gallery #10. The latter provides a few random glimpses into recent events in my life.

AndyThanks for reading, and have a great Whenever!

PS: If you live in the area (or will be in town that weekend) I'll be helping the awesome Capital Hill game store called Labyrinth celebrate their first anniversary on Saturday December 3rd. Drop in that afternoon and I'll let you play one of my prototype games!