Pano Gallery 10

by Andrew Looney, November 2011

I'll start this gallery off with a pano from the making of the Star Fluxx video:

...but if you haven't seen the Star Fluxx video, go watch it right now! Alex (that's him with the camera on the far left) made the whole thing and it's just great!

For Sharon's Day this year, we went to HersheyPark to ride roller coasters!

My very good friend Keith Baker just got married... here's a shot I took of him with his bride Jenn, at Dulles Airport. I got a chance to share a meal with them there as they waited for the flight for their honeymoon in Iceland. Congrats and best wishes you two!

I took a day trip with Gina up to Philly to see JoCo open for TMBG at the TLA...

Before the show we grabbed some food at a funky place on South Street...

We met up with JoCo superfan Colleen at the concert...

...and as always, They Might Be Giants rocked the house!

I went to visit this local game group during one of their regular sessions to let them playtest a couple of my games, including the latest iteration of my rules for Just Desserts. (After a recent series of playtests which resulted in a few new rule tweaks, I'm now on Version 6.2 of the ruleset, but it's testing really well and might finally be the final version!)

Here's are some of the pumpkins we carved this year. (For more pictures of this year's jack-o-lanterns, check out the gallery!)

Here's a glimpse of the scene inside at the pumpkin carving party.

For the occasion of my birthday, Kristin arranged for a quantum upgrade to our non-functional PacMan arcade machine. It not only works again, but now can also be used to play over 50 other aracde classics! This lead to our re-arranging our collection of aracde machines, which we moved into the library where I've just unpacked a bunch of books that have been in storage for over 5 years.

Alison has finished constructing the wood base of the elaborate Pepperland mural she's creating for the Great Hall of the house we call Pepperland. Next step: paint!

Bobby Flay opened a Burger Palace in our neighborhood. I enjoyed the food -- and the decor!

It's hard to believe, but it's been 30 years since I finished High School. Here's a pano of our class reunion!

Lastly I took this self-portrait in my very small purple office for the purpose of adding to my index page. (Have you seen my other pano pages? If not, check out said index page!)

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