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Saturday, March 20th, 2010

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Tirade's Choice

15 Essential Moments To Revisit If You Had A Time Machine

"I bought Zombie Fluxx for a friend on as a gag gift, little did I know we'd end up playing this game anywhere we need entertainment and a table of some kind is available. Absolutely addicted! So I decided just to buy everything Fluxx related." -- Bryon B, comments with order # 107994

Rash provides another batch of links and commentary on topics including: the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, Pyongyang Traffic Girls, the Twelve Biggest Ripoffs in America, 'Ten-Eleven' lay-offs at his job, the 1950s paperback cover artist Richard Powers, cherry tree blossoms , London to Brighton in 4 minutes (and other hi-speed train videos), Shiny Shiny (a History of the CD Revival from the year 2021), the Space Art of Robert McCall, the Power of Pink, Blade Runner Tokyo, Early Monorails, Totalitarian Architecture of the Third Reich., Barrow, Alaska , a report on his trip back east, to DC and NYC, the revolutionary new spray-on liquid glass, attempts to start a redesign of American currency, Fifty Reasons why Tokyo's the greatest place, Matisse Redux, Masculinity in a Spray Can, Trends men wear that women hate, Cycloc bike storage brackets, the wheeled snow shovel, failed modern architectures, Kunstler's Eyesore of the Month, and JD Salinger.

Toy Fair / Ki'ana & Sadaf / Happy 60th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Welcome back! Sorry I've been gone so long, we've been having a very busy late-wintertime. Just after my last update, we got hit with an amazing double-blizzard just as we were preparing for Toy Fair, and I feel like it's been a roller-coaster since then.

Toy Fair was a big success for us, easily our best ever. We launched the new versions of EcoFluxx and Family Fluxx and we wrote lots of orders and took lots of leads. Shown here is our beautiful new booth display and this year's staff: from right to left that's our Sales Director Jessica, President Kristin, Sales Support / Inventory Manager Alison, and our new Sales Rep Manager David Hartzband. David has over 20 years of experience in the Specialty Toy Market with companies including Briar Patch and Mattel. He's a fan of our games, and collects mediaeval knights.

Speaking of new faces, we have two new lovely ladies working in our office at this time. We currently have two office temps filling our part-time sales support position (which was done last year by Nikki, Susannah, and Mo). On the left is Ki'ana, and that's Sadaf on the right.

Ki'ana and Sadaf are both college students, so working on alternating afternoons suits their schedules fine.

Ki'ana, who's originally from New Jersey, is very family-oriented and in her spare time she loves to sing, dance, travel and go bowling. Ki'ana attends PGCC and is majoring in Criminal Justice.

Sadaf was born in Iran and raised here. She's a very active person who loves traveling to different countries and learning more about other cultures. Sadaf is attending the University of Maryland and majoring in Communications.

Ki'ana and Sadaf have been busy ever since Toy Fair working on the task of entering all the new leads we got at Toy Fair into our online system.

Speaking of Toy Fair, you may have noticed that I wasn't on the staff list. I was excused from working the booth this year, and was only on staff during setup and breakdown. In between, I returned home, and took part in a big celebration of my parents' 60th wedding anniversary.

The party was a big success. Lots of their lifelong friends turned out to join in the fun, and since relatives from all over flew in for the occasion, it was also a fabulous family reunion. Here's a few photos of Mom & Dad and the assembled Looneys...

Congrats on 60 years and love to you both Mom & Dad!

After the party, I was pleased to have some quality time with Rash, my brother from California. I took him with me on the road trip back to NYC, and he helped us with the tear-down and pack-out of our booth. Then he wandered off into the Big Apple, from whose airport he flew home a few days later.

Lots of other stuff has been going on since then, but one of the most exciting things that's been taking up my time lately is currently a big secret. I'm super excited about it though... it's been playtesting really well, and I think it's gonna be a big hit. It's a new card game based on a licensed property, so until all the contracts are signed, I cannot say what it is. But Kristin had some excellent negotiations with Their People at Toy Fair, and we're hoping to announce our big fall release at the upcoming GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas.

In other news, I've been making great progress in restoring order and repurposing the spaces at Wunderland.Earth. Having moved many of our business and life operations over to Pepperland, and after the broken-water-heater-basement-flooding-incident, our original house has been a horrible mess for these past many months. But now at last, most areas in the house are cleaned up and organized again. In particular, we've finally gotten one of the rooms redone as a space we can rent out, and plan to take in our first tenant next month. (More on that story as it develops...)

Most recently, we've just finished up our annual Stockholders Meeting. This was also our best Stockholder's meeting, since we not only got a great turnout from among our local investors, but were also able to include via speakerphone those who couldn't attend in person. Best of all, we were reporting on a very good year, easily our best ever. (I know, I keep saying that!) It's very satisfying to be able to say we were profitable last year, considering the state of the economy and the size of our staff! And the future is even brighter...

AndyThanks for reading, happy springtime, thanks for playing our games, and have a great Whenever!

Thought Residue
Although my time there was very limited, while at Toy Fair I did get to meet Jared Sorensen, inventor of the Parsely system. Not only that, but Jared actually got to play in a session of my Muffins game run by Alison one evening during the show. It was great hearing his reactions to my take on his system, and we had fun talking about game design.

I recently concoted a new chocolate-lover's dessert (with a bit of inspiration from Robin and some help from one of the waiters at our local diner). I call it a Chocolate Split. It's basically a banana split, but without any of that pesky fruit (except for cherries on the top, which are fun to give away). Cookies 'n' cream replaces the strawberry scoop in the traditional trio (along with chocolate and vanilla as usual), then brownie bits or cookie crumbles replace the banana slices, and finally, the toppings are limited to hot fudge, caramel, and whipped cream. Yum! Now I can get what I want in the king-size serving one receives with a 3-scoop split, instead of having to settle for a mere 2-scoop goblet-style sundae.

Here are my favorite In-Be-Tweets (these being posts I've made to Twitter since my last update of

  • has been out in the blizzard, shoveling our walkways & pulling the huge fallen tree branch off of our buried car. Yay! No broken windshield! [Feb 6th]
  • thought he was going to lose that game of Hearts, but managed to pull ahead of John at the end by Shooting the Moon a couple of times [Feb 11th]
  • also really enjoyed Chris Wood's post at BGG about their house rules for Chrononauts [Feb 15th]
  • thought Avatar was ok (and it certainly looked AMAZING). It was like Lawrence of Arabia meets Star Wars with a touch of Aquaman stirred in [Feb 21st]
  • has been having a great meeting with Kristin, plotting and scheming about various future plans and secret projects [Mar 10th]
  • is enjoying a poem written by his niece Sharon called "Ode to Chocolate Cake," ending with the wonderful phrase "the quiet dignity of cake." [Mar 11th]

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