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Friday, January 23rd, 2009

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"EcoFluxx is a VERY good Fluxx set. I thought it was going to be hippie crap. Glad that I was wrong and am a tool for Fluxx." -- tweet by EdwardTheFirst

Assorted links & comments on topics includng Patrick McGoohan, Konnichiwa, and the Obamamobile

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President Obama Takes Office

As I like to say, it's weird being me sometimes. Whenever anything major happens, everyone has their own way of remembering it, and perhaps even memorializing it, with souvenirs, scrapbooks, photos, and journals all being classic ways of noting the passage of really big events.

But for me, ever since we published my time travel game Chrononauts, Linchpins and Ripplepoints are all I can think about when history unfolds before our collective eyes. That was my first thought when I was woken up on the morning of 9/11, and I even created a card design that very week. When the Columbia crashed to Earth in 2003, I wondered, "Will this become a Timeline moment?" All through the Bush years, I've viewed the many results of his actions through the filter of questioning, "What would be different if the voting had been swayed in Florida (or on the Supreme Court) in the year 2000?"

So on Tuesday, as I gathered with friends and neighbors to watch history happen, and listened to the stories of other friends who went downtown just to be there in person, I rejoiced in the change that has come to America, and I also constantly wondered, "How will this, and whatever else it leads to, fit into my next Chrononauts game?"

Anyway, this week's event is obviously Timeline-worthy, and I wanted to remember it suitably, so I made up a card design. (But don't get excited, this isn't a product announcement -- I'm still about 23 events short of a new TimeLine.)

To pre-emptively answer a couple of other questions:

  • If anything else TimeLine worthy happens in 2009, this could be changed to be a 2008 card dated November 4th. But the inauguration seems to have been more of the "Where were you when it happened" day to me, so everything else that happens this year has a hard act to follow.
  • If the 1974' patch were in place, President Obama would be at best the second black president, but because of how the Time-Space Continuum holds history together in weird ways, those events do not ripple the history of this week. (Note that the King presidency occurred because Nixon chose MLKjr as his replacement VP as a political stunt and King took office only because Nixon was subsequently removed, so Obama still becomes the first black man elected to the presidency.)
  • The 2009' patch for this Ripplepoint would be "Hillary Clinton Becomes First Female President". Duh.

Hail to the Chief!

In other news, we said farewell to our office temp Nikki this week. She's got a big course-load in school this semester, and she decided she needed to cut back on the part-time work so that she could focus on her studies. But we enjoyed having her help, and we wish her lots of success in the future!

AndyThanks for reading and have a great whenever!

Thought Residue
"To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist." -- President Obama's Inauguration Speech, 1/20/9

I was excited to see that Ending Marijuana Prohibition was the #1 idea on the list of suggestions for the new president generated and voted on by internet users through With this being the most popular suggestion in the forthcoming Citizen's Briefing Book, how can it continue to be ignored? Is this issue finally about to break open? Could Obama bring about real change? Could he get America to "unclench the fist" that is drug prohibition? He's got the power, he's got the mandate, he's got the perfect economic & political conditions, and he's on record as having the wisdom... but does he have the guts?
I'm very pleased with my poker statistics for 2008: I played 72 games (either open-ended penny ante sessions or $5 buy-in tourneys) and I had an overall profit of $41.30. And I'm off to a great start this year, too -- on Monday night I won $15 in our regular weekly tournament!

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