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Thursday, July 31st, 2008

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The Dark Knight :)

3 Kinds of Crazy --
Order, Chaos, and Coin Flips --
Collide in Gotham.

Phoneheads - Roll That Stone

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Cool Things in Random Places

"One of our students introduced us to Fluxx while on a mission trip - when we weren't working or eating, we were playing Fluxx!" -- Derek D of Stephenville, TX

Rash is currently traveling around the world -- read his special travel blog: RtW08

Welcome, Nikki!

This is Nikki, our newest employee. She's been working for Looney Labs for about 3 weeks now, and so far, she's proving to be a great addition to our team. She's joining us courtesy of a temp agency she works for, who put us together because she lives just a few blocks from us and has a flexible schedule well-suited to our part-time requirements. She's being supervised by Alison, working in the customer service and sales support departments, so if you're a store owner calling to get in on our newest Superstore Special, Nikki is the one who'll be entering your order.

The best part about this for me is that Nikki is taking over the work I've been doing for almost a year now, ever since Alison became overloaded with Sales Support work and there was no one else on the team with any time to lend a hand. Yay for Nikki!

Nikki was born and raised in College Park and recently graduated from the University of MD with a BA in Criminal Justice and double major in Sociology. Come fall, she will be attending Villa Julie College's Graduate School to obtain her Masters Degree in Forensic Studies. In her spare time, she enjoys playing Fluxx and Treehouse, bowling on a Duckpin Bowling League, going fishing, going out to eat, and spending time with her family and friends.

Anyway, welcome aboard Nikki! Thanks for helping us sell games!

AndyThanks for reading, and have a great fortnight!

Thought Residue
This week, a PG County SWAT team smashed up the house of the mayor of Berwyn Heights, slaughtering their two dogs upon entry (chasing after the smaller one to kill it as it tried to run away) and terrorizing the family for several hours, all because someone in Arizona mailed them a box containing 32 pounds of marijuana. Granted, that's a lot of weed, but why did the dogs have to die? Did these armed and armored soldiers actually feel threatened by a fleeing dog -- or is it just standard procedure now for the drug warriors to murder your pets if they catch you holding a big box of drugs? How many more incidents like this will it take to end the madness of prohibition? (Remember, all it takes is a mistake on a street address, and it could be YOUR beloved pets the cops are brutally gunning down.) Our hearts go out to Mayor Calvo and his family as they cope with this act of intolerable cruelty.

Hippies come in many flavors but I've observed two main categories, which I'm calling Green and Orange. Green Hippies are the crunchy-granola vegan types, who care a lot about saving the earth, while the Orange Hippies are the Burning Man hedonists who are into taking drugs, making art, and exercising their right to personal freedom. Green Hippies tend to be the New Age Pagans while the Orange Hippies are the Freethinking Mind-Expansionists. But while the Green and Orange Hippies may disagree about including meat on the menu, we all get along well together under our big tie-dyed flag.
I've become convinced that I'm a supertaster. It's not like it's rare - odds are 1 in 4 for a person like me -- and I certainly fit the profile. There's a list of "Problem Foods" on the wikipedia page about supertasters, and I totally hate absolutely everything on the list. (But there's other stuff I hate the taste of too, so I'm also just a generally picky eater.) Incidentally, I'm delighted to learn that there's a name for the type of flavor my supertaster taste buds crave the most - Umami, the recently-acknowledged fifth type of taste.

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