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Thursday, May 15th, 2008

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haptic (hap'-tick) adj. 1: relating to, or based on the sense of touch. 2: characterized by a predilection for the sense of touch. [From Greek haptesthai "to touch."]

Haiku Reviews

Iron Man :)

A man who has all
the brains and courage he needs
makes himself a heart.

also: Walk Hard

He's Dead Jim

Tirade's Choice

Steve Pavlina's Polyphasic Sleep Diary

"Thank you very much for everything. It's actually 100% because of Looney Labs that I own a game store today: I have been a Mad Lab Rabbit for years; When Dov opened Games & Gifts Galore a few years ago, he had asked Looney Labs if there was anyone who could come to the store's Grand Opening to demo Looney Labs games, and you guys gave him the names of all of the local Rabbits. After helping out at the Grand Opening, I helped Dov with dozens of other events for various games and game systems, and after a couple of months I was hired on permanently as the Store Manager. Now a couple of years later, for the reasons I mentioned in the paragraph above Dov sold the store to me. And now, at 21 years old, somehow I own and operate a popular and successful game store, thanks to Looney Labs. Thank you all, for *everything*." -- Christopher DeSalvo, owner, Games & Gifts Galore

getting ready for a big overseas jaunt, plus video links etc

Attention Long-Haired Gamer Dudes!

Origins is fast approaching, and since the Big Experiment we run there is our most significant event of the year, we're starting to get into high gear towards getting ready.

One thing I've been doing this week to prepare has been figuring out the designs for the 38 prize medallions we'll be giving to the winners of this year's series of annual tournaments. To see the full set of designs, check out this year's Gallery of Big Experiment Medallions. (And to see when the competitions for these medallions will be held, see the Schedule of Events for Big Experiment #9.)

While pulling together the art for these medallions is always a certain amount of work, it was a lot easier to do this year than usual. We realized last year that we had too many different events going on at once, so this year we've been trying to cut back rather than expand. Of course we had to add a major Zombie Fluxx tournament, but we shrunk a number of other events and even dropped a few of the least popular tournaments.

All except one of the designs for this year's slate of 38 medallions feature existing artwork. But this year I'm introducing a new award for which I had to draw a new image: a Men's Runner-Up for the Aquarius Hair-Down.

As you probably know, the rule for who goes first in Aquarius inspired a standalone contest for who has the longest hair, which we call the Hair-Down. For years I've been awarding a second medallion to the runner-up, but this year there will be two runner-up awards. Why? Because men need a separate award in this field.

The field of competitors in an Aquarius Hairdown are almost always all women. Usually one or two long-haired guys will jump in, just for the fun of hanging out with all those beautiful long-haired women, but these days they never have a chance against the amazing lockes sported by famous hair-athletes such as Meg Gandy, Di Suddeth, Emily Frawley, and Grey Dutton.

So, just as the Olympics divides men and women for many competitions, I've decided to create a separate award for men in this category, since they have so little hope of ever winning when competing head-to-head against women. Hopefully this will bring a new generation of male hair-athletes to this exciting field of competition!

Just to be clear on how this will work: Everyone competes as usual for the Hair-Down Championship, which goes to whoever has the longest hair, regardless of gender. The runner-up awards then go to the longest haired woman and man still in the lineup.

So if you're a long-haired gamer dude who never bothers competing in the hairdown because you know you're going to lose to a girl, never fear! Now you have a chance! (Or do you? Is your hair longer than mine? Because you know I'm going to be competing!)

If you haven't made plans to attend Origins yet, it's not too late! Join us, it's gonna be great!
AndyThanks for reading, and have a great fortnight!

Thought Residue
"A nice cake is waiting for you." -- the best fortune cookie message I've gotten in awhile, since I love cake. (But it makes me worry a little... if a cake is waiting for me, that suggests it's already been baked and might be getting stale waiting for me to do whatever is needed to obtain it. I wish the message had included the words soon and chocolate.)

"He took off a life jacket in the middle of a hurricane and gave it to someone in a boat!" -- James of Survivor, summing up the most jaw-dropping of many amazing moments on the "Fans vs. Favorties" season, the most intense and interesting one ever
"Did you ever see that episode of Gilligan's Island where they almost get off the island and then Gilligan messes up and then they don't? I saw that one. I saw that one a lot when I was growing up. And every half-hour that I watched that was a half an hour I wasn't posting at my blog or editing Wikipedia or contributing to a mailing list. Now I had an ironclad excuse for not doing those things, which is none of those things existed then. I was forced into the channel of media the way it was because it was the only option. Now it's not, and that's the big surprise. However lousy it is to sit in your basement and pretend to be an elf, I can tell you from personal experience it's worse to sit in your basement and try to figure if Ginger or Mary Ann is cuter." -- Clay Shirky, "Gin, Television, and Social Surplus"

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