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Thursday, August 5th, 2010

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I'm Not An Artist

"The Looney Labs room at Origins is one of the best areas in the entire show, year after year. Great job again. Thanks for doing such a great job." -- David J Radzik commenting on a photo of me on Facebook

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Origins, InConJunction, and Dolly Sods

Wow, what a summer we've been having!

We had a great time at Origins, where I'm delighted to say we received another Origins Award, this time for Are You The Traitor? in the category best Children's, Family, or Party game of 2009. Woo-hoo! As you can see from my foolish grin, it makes me really happy to win one of these.

It was a great Origins in lots of other ways... we had a better space for our Big Experiment than we've ever had before, a truly cavernous room in a very convenient location. Also, the great location we were in (and our status as official sponsors) allowed us to create something extra cool -- a trail of big colorful daisies on the floor, leading all the way from our Lab to our Booth in the Exhibit Hall. It was impossible NOT to find us!

Of course, we ran lots of events, from small seminars to big tournaments, and we gave out 34 prize medallions like the one Evie is proudly sporting here (and that's JP giving the double thumbs-up):

Lots of other great stuff happened at Origins, but those are a few highlights. Here's a big thanks to all the Looney Game Technicians who helped us make this awesome event happen. You all rock! Here's this year's official group portrait:

Almost immediately after returning from Origins, Kristin & I were whisked away again, to be the Gaming Guests of Honor at InConJunction, a Sci-Fi convention held in Indianapolis every year. We had a lovely time just hanging out and playing games (instead of hosting events and running a booth). Of particular note was the session we held of Andy vs. Everybody, in which I achieved what I think was an all-time high win ratio, of almost 40%. (I won 18 and lost 28.) This was a great come back from the last session at Origins, where I hit an all-time low win-rate of just 10% (3 out of 28).

Thanks again to everyone at InConJunction, for hosting us as your Gaming GoHs! (Especially ConChair Kat!) It's always a great pleasure and honor, and we really do appreciate it. Thanks also to Bart and Sam and Mike and all the other fans who showed up to help us have fun!

For the past decade, Alison has been telling me and Kristin about this awesome chunk of wilderness out in West Virginia called Dolly Sods. It's an area she'd grown up backpacking through, during excursions from the Burgundy Center for Wildlife Studies, that being a nature camp where she continues to work each summer (and where EcoFluxx was first developed). Anyway, last week we finally managed to get out there, and we had a grand time. (What finally made it possible was the idea of renting a cabin and doing it as a series of day hikes, rather than taking on the full challenge of a multi-night backwoods backpacking trip.) We had so much fun we're thinking to make it an annual thing (planned around blueberry season, of course).

Here are just a couple of views of the spectacular sights we saw. We climbed up and over Rocky Point, we picnicked in a splendid grove of pine trees, and swam in a river by a beautiful little waterfall. And since it was a weekday in a designated national wilderness, we saw no one else at all that day, during any of these adventures, except as we were departing, when we encountered another group in the parking area.

Unfortunately, I lost my hat somewhere on the mountain top, and my aching feet tell me that I've got to get a new pair of hiking boots before I go anywhere like this again. So I need to go shopping! But otherwise, it was a great trip.

Looking ahead, Alison and I are about to leave to attend GenCon, again out in Indianapolis. Although Looney Labs has exhibited at GenCon in the past, we're just attending and playing games this time. I'm also planning to run an impromptu session or two of my Parsely game, Muffins!

Looking further ahead, Kristin and I will again be Gaming Guests of Honor, when we go to Los Angeles for Strategicon: Gateway, which is taking place over the Labor Day Weekend. Since that's when our big fall release is hitting the streets, you can be sure we'll be celebrating it big that weekend!

And speaking of that, I'm happy to report that everything has been officially approved by the licensors, the game is currently being printed by our card printers, and we're totally on track to meet our September 3rd release date. For more details, check out the new issue of Notes From The Lab!

Well, I'm off to GenCon. Thanks for reading, and have a great Whenever!


Thought Residue
We've decided to find new homes for part of our collection of vintage video arcade machines, specifically: Joust, Qix, PacMan, and Roadblasters (the last one being a multi-game platform that converts to 4 other games including Marble Madness). All are in need of service, the middle two being non-functional. Let us know if you're interested. (Update: Qix has been sold -- the others are still available!)

"So they invent a completely implausible superweapon that they've never mentioned until now. ...and then, in the entire rest of the show, over five or six different big wars, they never use the superweapon again. Seriously. They have this whole thing about a war in Vietnam that lasts decades and kills tens of thousands of people, and they never wonder if maybe they should consider using the frickin' unstoppable mystical superweapon that they won the last war with. At this point, you're starting to wonder if any of the show's writers have even watched the episodes the other writers made." -- Scott (Squid13)'s analysis of WWII as it if were a TV series
"Even if the thesis of a show is Pie is Awesome, the host is still going to wake up one day and see headlines about a pie recall because some tainted filling killed 173 people. Guess what: he still has to do a show that day about why Pie is Awesome. He will manipulate B to make it fit A, even if he has to lie. He doesn't draw a paycheck otherwise." -- David Wong, "Why Talk Radio is a Terrible Source of Information," from "The 10 Most Important Things They Didnt Teach You In School"

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