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Thursday, October 22th, 2009

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"I'm seriously addicted to Zombie Fluxx it's not only the CRAZIEST card game I've ever played, but it's the most fun and so hilarious" -- tweet by bug0058

Rash posts photos of streetcars and train stations, and provides links and commentary on topics including Tent City USA, the Pekar project, Swine flu, his work routine, a knitting-coated bus in Mexico City, the Oldest Living Things, short yellow lights, Man vs. Cow, bad tattoos, the dust storm in Sydney, and vintage bottle caps.

Sharon's Day, SP-RPP, and European Trip Planning

We had a great time last weekend, celebrating Sharon's Day at Busch Gardens with my brother Jeff, his wife Judy, James their son, and of course Sharon, my niece, God-daughter, and Queen for the Day. We rode some of my favorite roller-coasters including Alpengeist, Apollo's Chariot, and the Loch Ness Monster, and I was pleased that Sharon was like me -- eager to ride everything (whereas her twin brother shunned some of the best rides). Everything was splendid... the weather was perfect, the lines were short, and the food was very tasty. We had lunch in Italy, ice cream in France, and dinner in Germany. And the trained cats in that animal show were amazing! It was an outstanding day.

Along the way we also did some playtesting my newest game, Secret Project RPP. One of my design goals for SP-RPP is a game you can play while standing in a long, slow moving line, and the lines were short enough that we didn't really have very many opportunities to playtest it. But I'm very pleased with the way it's shaped up... I've been working on this one for almost a year (I started testing the concepts last year when we all went to Disney World) but it was only a few weeks ago that I had the final ideas I needed to make this game really work to my satisfaction. Soon I think I'll be ready to set this one loose!

[The picture of me and Sharon included here does not show us getting ready for a fist bump, nor are we playing Rock Paper Scissors. We're playing SP-RPP. We're each concealing an Icehouse pyramid in one fist, getting ready to reveal it. But that's as much about the gameplay as I'm willing to explain at this time.]

Throughout this day trip to pretend Europe, I pondered my upcoming vacation to actual Europe. Things have been going pretty well at Looney Labs, well enough that I've decided to visit my favorite city again. I'm going to celebrate the release of the first product from Fully Baked Ideas by attending the 22nd Annual Cannabis Cup, a convention of Amsterdam aficionados which I attended once before, 12 years ago. The timing is such that I can also attend a big gaming convention, two days later in London, called DragonMeet 18. Maybe I'll spend a little extra time in England after that.

So here's a shout-out to the Rabbits of London and Holland, and to the American tourists who'll be attending the Cup: I'll be there at the end of November, looking for fans of my games to hang out with. Who wants to meet me at a Coffeeshop for a game or two of Homeworlds?

Anyway, I'm going to Europe again! Yay! It's been over 5 years since my last visit, and I'm really looking forward to it.
AndyThanks for reading, and have a great Whenever!

Thought Residue
Our printer had a major snafu on the production of the new edition of Chrononauts, and we had to recall the whole print run just as we were starting to ship it to our distributors. (It's a severe error; 5 cards on the TimeLine have the wrong years on the backs.) Anyway, as a result we've had to push the release date back from October 23rd to December 4th. But the good news is we'll still have them out in time for holiday sales, and it's a reminder of how nice it is to be working with a printer here in the states, rather than China.

In other company news, our office temp Mo has moved on to another opportunity... she's following her dream of helping animals by taking a job at a nearby animal clinic. Good luck Mo! Her position will soon be filled by a woman named Nancy. Welcome Nancy! We're also getting part-time help now from a couple of remote employees I've never even met: Welcome Jennifer and Tami!
Our friend Josh Drobina has moved to the neighborhood! He experimented with living here a few years ago but after moving back to Ohio for awhile, he decided to make our town his home. He's currently living in Luisa's spare room, and is suddenly a regular again at all the local gaming events. Welcome back Josh!

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