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Thursday, September 25th, 2008

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The Internet Overdose Song

Tirade's Choice

The Bittersweet Art of Cutting Up Books

"I was at a local game shop and someone had specially ordered Treehouse. We checked it out and learned how to play in 10 minutes, and wound up playing for 2 hours straight! Great game guys :)" -- Stephen B of Holyoke, MA

Rash is busy busy busy because school has started, but still offers a few new links

  • Why aren't Brain Baseball and Brain Sandwiches on the list of cards to set aside when playing Zombie Fluxx without Zombies?

Repairing, Removing, and Remodeling

This week we've been moving forward by demolishing stuff. We've had teams of workers in our two houses for three separate projects:

  1. Repairing the tile tree in the bathroom at Wunderland
  2. Removing three tree stumps from the grounds at Pepperland
  3. Remodeling rooms at Pepperland

First there's the tile tree at Wunderland. We had this excellent mosaic installed when we remodeled the bathroom in the early nineties, created by an artist we knew named Carla Beaudet. After years of showers some buckling behind the tile had developed, and it was time to deal with it lest the damage become too severe to salvage. As shown here, our contractors removed a big section of the tile and as of now it's all been rebuilt and looks great. There was a mishap during the process which caused a bit of rain in the kitchen below, but that's all been fixed and rebuilt, good as new.

Secondly, over at the new house, Alison's desire to landscape her new yard required that something be done about this trio of big treestumps that were totally in her way. So we hired a team to hoist in a piece of heavy machinery and carve up the stumps into piles of sawdust!

Lastly, inside Pepperland, we've started doing some major remodeling. One of the great things about buying a house across the street and expanding into it is that we can take our time about really moving in, and do all our major renovations up front. One of the first things we wanted to do was to get rid of this wall in one of the front rooms, which had been built to divide the house into apartments. As you can see from these before and after shots, removing this wall really opens up the space!

Our workers made a fun discovery when they tore out this wall. It seems that sometime around 1982, a child living in this house decided that it was fun to lose various toys by pushing them through a small hole in this wall. Shown here are the contents of this youngster's informal time capsule.

AndyThanks for reading, and have a great fortnight!

Thought Residue
I'm extremely impressed with the Shazam software I got free for my iPhone. I've been testing it out on my favorite old mix tapes of classic electronica, and although it does get stumped sometimes, it's amazing how often Shazam can correctly identify the music on my stereo, given just a brief random sample recorded over the phone. Like the iPhone itself, Shazam is an incredible culmination of modern technology.

I love Alton Brown's food show "Good Eats," and I enjoy his commentary as the Kitchen Stadium announcer, but what I'd really like is to see him become an actual challenger on Iron Chef America. I'll bet Ted Allen could stand in as the Kitchen Stadium announcer...
Diet Mountain Dew has become my primary beverage of choice. But it can be hard to find, so I often have to settle for Diet Coke.

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