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Thursday, June 26th, 2008

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Get Smart :)

Maxwell got smarter,
and a bit more violent, too.
He's still funny though.

The Simpsons Star Wars life

Tirade's Choice

Creepy Girl from Motion Portrait

"Thank you so much for your games. I originally gave Chrononauts to my nephews and they have been addicted ever since. I have just given them EcoFluxx for their birthdays and all other gifts were thrown aside once they had this in their hands. Thank you for your excellent games and keep up the good work." --Julie A, of Springvale, Maine

Rash is currently traveling around the world -- read his special travel blog: RtW08

Monty Python and the Pink Treehouse, Part 2

Hey, check it out, instead of being 2 days late with this website like I usually am, this time I'm 2 days early! Why? Origins of course! It's our biggest event of the year and by Thursday it'll already be underway. Woo-hoo! It's my favorite week of the year, and I think this one's gonna be our best one ever!

Of course, we're frantically trying to get as much done as possible before heading off to the show. We're actually in excellent shape this year as far as being prepared is concerned, but there's still a lot of little things we're trying to finish up before the big event. For example, I'm busily making new prototypes of my latest working version of Monty Python Fluxx, to use during playtest sessions at Origins. Speaking of which, here's a glimpse at one of the many cool things we've been making to unveil next week: a promo card postcard for Monty Python Fluxx! This is a great New Rule called 1,2,5! which adds a bit of Monty Python fun to any Fluxx deck (and which will also appear in the actual game later).

If you compare the Monty Python Fluxx logo shown on this postcard to the one I used on this page when we first started talking about MPF, you'll notice it's greatly improved. The same is true for the Pink Pyramids logo, further down on both pages. The reason for these artwork upgrades is that both of these products have moved from the Preliminary Announcement stage to the Official Announcement stage, meaning that Real Artists are now working on this stuff instead of me.

And who are these shadowy and mysterious Real Artists of whom I speak? Well, we aren't at the Official Announcement stage on this, so I can only say vaguely that we've started working with a new production partner (yes, they print in the USA) and they have an art team who've been helping us out on our latest round of printed items. I'm saving the details of this story for a future update, but suffice it to say that we've very pleased with the work they've been doing for us so far.

Speaking of Pink Treehouse, for those who were hoping to have them by Origins, I'm sorry to disappoint you but they won't be ready in time. This project has been slowed by more pressing matters, part of which is the issue of packaging... we're planning a new and different style of packaging for Pink Treehouse, which is part of an overall new scheme we're hatching for the packaging of most of our product line. But that's all part of the "new production partner" story I mentioned, which I'm saving for later.

In the meantime, to help mollify the eager Icehouse fans waiting to see what the new color will be like, here's a photo. Aren't they lovely?

AndyThanks for reading, and have a great fortnight!

(And if you're coming to Origins, I'll see you there! It's gonna be great, I can't wait!)

Thought Residue
I've really gotten into using these disposable paper notebooks called PocketMods (the site for which was featured as a Tirade's Choice last April). You simply fold up a standard piece of paper, unfold it enough to make a single cut, refold it a different way, and presto, you've got a wonderfully handy little 8 page notebook! I write my latest to-do list on the back cover and I keep various notes on the other pages. It takes me about 3 days to fill one up, by which time it's also starting to wear out -- so I make another one!
"I always wanted to serve my country. I felt it was a good opportunity for me to give back." -- a different Andrew Looney, who lost part of his foot in Baghdad last October, after an insurgent IED exploded in the vicinity of his vehicle (seen quoted at the Oklahoman website)

"In terms of global warming, the truth about air conditioning is chilling. According to the Department of Energy, one-sixth of American energy use goes toward cooling buildings, a particularly large proportion given that most air conditioners operate for only about one-quarter of the year. Another way of looking at it: Keeping your home cool this summer will add one to three tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere." -- Eviana Hartman, "That Cool Blast of AC Is Not So Cool for the Planet. What Can You Do?"

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