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Thursday, June 28th, 2007

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Waitress  :|

The sweet filling was
nice at first, but before long
I had too much pie.

Crazy Frog

Tirade's Choice

Temporal Anomalies in Time Travel Movies

"Most played this month was Treehouse with 25. I suspect this will be my most played game for many months to come. I keep a tube in my jacket pocket and take it out when the family is waiting for something, like at a restaurant, or the half hour between the kids' swimming lessons. It's a great time killer." -- Dean Maki's reply to a BoardGameGeek Geeklist Question: What game did you play most in January 2007?

On the Radio, plus links

Big Changes in Rabbit Support / Ruth's Wedding

We've been doing a lot of internal evaluation of our little game company recently, trying to figure out how to streamline and improve our operations. As I mentioned in my previous update, one change we've already made, as a result of this analysis, is the shift of these updates from weekly to bi-weekly.

This week we're announcing even more radical changes. Although we love our rabbits and we still want people to teach our games to others and to jabber enthusiastically about Looney Labs whenever they can, our reward/support program is in major need of overhaul. This is partly technological; the gradual switchover from our old system ("SuperFRED") into the new one ("Sweetie") is hung up on the complexities of the whole Rabbit Points system. But there are other issues, the most pressing of which is the need to cut back on everything that isn't absolutely essential, which means we're scaling back on the rabbit program as a whole. Unfortunately, that includes our official Rabbit Coordinator, Carol Townsend.

Carol's been full-time with us for the past year, and it's been great having her on our team... but sadly, with these changes we're eliminating her position with the company. Instead of having someone on-staff with the title of Rabbit Coordinator, we're asking rabbits everywhere to step up as volunteers to help us out as more general, localized Rabbit Coordinators. If you're the Rabbit in your group who gets your friends organized for the next event, you could be a Local Rabbit Coordinator.

Another way we'll be asking the Rabbits to help take care of themselves for us is with our new Rabbit Wiki. This new community-maintained database will be the go-to point for fans who need help from us, since without Carol the rest of us will be even slower in getting around to answering fan support questions.

But again, what a lot of it comes down to is those pesky Rabbit Points. So we're turning that whole system off. Without Carol, there'll be no one here to keep track of what individual rabbits are doing, deciding how many points to award for this event or that, etc. Therefore, we're not going to give away any more Rabbit Points. Furthermore, since we can't figure out how to implement the old Rabbit Point system in Sweetie, we've decided we need to make the Rabbit Points expire. This means ALL RABBIT POINTS MUST BE REDEEMED BY THE END OF AUGUST.

But here's some good news: Since we're making Rabbit Points expire, we're also lifting the restriction on how you can spend them. So, while we're giving you a limited time to spend them, you can use your remaining Rabbit Points to buy our mainline products!

Please be sure to read Kristin's letter to the Rabbits for her perspective on this. Feel free to email us your thoughts and comments, and we'll look forward to discussions about these (and other) changes next week at Origins.

Thanks again for all your hard work, Carol, and best of luck in your future adventures! We'll miss you!

Speaking of Origins, this page won't be updated again until after Origins is over, so here's some late-breaking news about that. Shown here is art I just created for a new medal (bringing the total up to 50) which will be awarded to the player who gets the most points for winning Giant Pyramid games. (We've got a full schedule of Icehouse games played with Giant-sized pyramids, but previously they've always been simply exhibition games, not real competitions. This year, we'll award points for games you win with the big pieces (fewer or more points depending on the length and complexity of the game). This last medallion will be awarded to whoever wins the first Big Giant Pyramid Game-A-Thon!

It's going to be the best Origins yet! I hope to see YOU at Big Experiment #8!

In other news, Kristin's sister Ruth has gotten re-married! The three of us flew down to Texas last weekend to attend the wedding, and we had a lovely time.

The wedding was held in their backyard and although the imminent possibility of rain was a source of great angst, it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon. The ceremony was very nice, and at the reception party afterwards, music was provided by bunch of different musicians from the popular Austin area live music scene. The evening stretched on as we ate Mexican food and ice cream cake while mingling with Ruth's friends and other family members. And everyone who came got as a gift either a CD by one of the performers, or a Fluxx deck (in any flavor of their choice)!

Ruth's new husband Brett seems like quite a catch, too. Everyone likes him a lot and I think they're very good for each other. Here's wishing them great amounts of happiness and a wonderful life together!

As a wedding gift, Alison made a special new mobile, suited to Ruth & Brett's mutual love of numbers: a huge floating numbers mobile! Check out this week's movie for footage of a bunch of Alison's Mobiles, including the Numbers Mobile.

AndyThanks for reading, and have a great fortnight!

Thought Residue
Our refrigerator died this week. We can't really complain, since we've gotten plenty of life out of it, and it's sure better to have happened now than during Origins, but still... we sure didn't need that particular added expense just now, and of course, a broken fridge isn't the sort of repair you can put off until it's more convenient to pay for.

While on travel to Texas, I read a great book by Audrey Niffenegger called The Time Traveler's Wife. I loved it. I hear they're about to start production on a movie... I hope they can capture the feeling of the book. As I thought about these things, I wondered whatever happened to plans for a movie based on Replay, another excellent time travel romance. Sadly, nothing seems to have come of those plans, and the real bummer is what I learned by looking into it: Ken Grimwood died a couple of years ago, with his sequel to Replay unfinished. (Ironically, he died of a heart attack, just like the main character on the first page of Replay.)
In general, I enjoy changes. It's always a mixed bag... one can see good and bad aspects to every change, from a person's opinion to a change in the weather. Sometimes it's hard to find any positives in a particular change, while others are almost totally great. In many cases, different people will disagree on whether a given change is a good thing or a bad thing. But no matter what, it's always interesting, so as one who hates being bored, I love it when things change. Maybe that's why change is basically the theme of my most successful card game.

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