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Thursday, February 22rd, 2007

katy is here! & lake flynnbegone

Haiku Reviews

McLibel :)

The longest libel
suit in British history.
And we won! (Sort of)

Bonus HMR: The Painted Veil

Saving 100 horses

Tirade's Choice


"This is the Icehouse game that got my wife to understand (or at least accept!) my obsession with these pretty little pieces. Enough simplicity and luck for a non-gamer, but quick and with just enough strategy for a light filler. From here, she agreed to play Volcano, which she enjoyed, but felt brain burned by." -- Avri Klemer, commenting on Martian Coasters at

The Ultimate Symbol of Geekiness

This week, we've been thinking a lot about Geeks. It's part of a bigger thing we've been doing, which is trying to figure out what the typical Fluxx consumer is like, so we can look for more people like them to show Fluxx to. And we've been realizing that one personality trait which a lot of Fluxx fans have in common is geekiness. As it turns out, Geeks love Looney Labs games! And why shouldn't they? After all, we're just a bunch of geeks ourselves.

But what does it mean to be a geek? What is the ultimate symbol of geekiness, that one geeky gadget that surrounds all geeks, and binds all together with an energy like the Force? It's the computer, of course. Whether we enjoy dismantling the hardware or just using wikipedia for research, all geeks love computers.

And with that realization came the idea of making a new promo card specifically for the geek community: a Keeper called the Computer. And what does it do? Well, for one thing it's an Appliance, which means it can be substituted for either the Television or the Toaster to win with the Appliances Goal. But the thing that makes it way cool is the extra functionality you get when you have a Computer. If you have the Computer on the table, you get to add 1 to your Draw, Play, Hand Limit, and Keeper Limit numbers. Talk about computing power! Enjoy it while you can, since you know this card will be what everybody wants when they get a chance to Steal or Exchange a Keeper!

How do you get one of these powerful new Computers! You use your computer, of course! This particular Keeper is only available through the official Looney Labs webstore. All you have to do is place an order for $25 or more, and we'll include a free Computer card with your purchase!
AndyThanks for Tuning in, and Happy Computing!

Thought Residue
No wonder I like cheese so much! It's like totally addictive! Cheese contains casein, a dairy protein which contains tiny opiate molecules called casomorphins, which are "remarkably like morphine" and pack about a tenth of morphine's opiate strength! (I also found it fascinating that cheese proved harder to give up, for people in the article I just read, than ice cream, hamburgers, chicken, and even cigarettes.)

My journey to the dark side is now complete. It's been a couple of years now since I switched from regular cola to diet, and I have now reached the stage where I actively dislike the flavor of the Real Thing, and will choose a different type of beverage if Diet Cola isn't available.
"Pick your week or month, the evidence keeps rolling in to show this country's vaunted 'war on drugs' is as destructively misguided as our cataclysmic error in invading Iraq. There are 2.2 million Americans behind bars, another 5 million on probation or parole, the Justice Department reported on Nov. 30. We exceed Russia and Cuba in incarcerations per 100,000 people; in fact no other nation comes close. The biggest single reason for the expanding numbers? Our war on drugs - a quarter of all sentences are for drug offenses, mostly nonviolent. So has the 'war' worked? Has drug use or addiction declined? Clearly not. Hard street drugs are reportedly cheaper and purer, and as easy to get, as when President Richard Nixon declared substance abuse a 'national emergency.'" -- Neal Peirce, "The Misadventure Of Our Drug War"

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