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Tirade's Choice
Ronald McDonaldress

"The group just loved the Aquarius Demo and so we scheduled a Fluxx demo this week. They all came back and a few new people who wanted to learn about this game. I brought along my deck with some of my custom cards in it and they loved the idea of this game. it was also cool when people walked up and I just dealt them in. They never saw a game like it. I had been selling this game a lot but when this group saw the possibilities they just went crazy and some bought all the versions the store carried and asked when we could play again." -- ToteMan's Rabbit Report from demo in April at All Things Fun!


Thursday, June 1st, 2006
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What's New?

New Fluxx Medallions

Last week I posted artwork for the medallions for this year's Icehouse Tournament, which will be held in just a few weeks, at the Origins game convention in Columbus Ohio.

As I mentioned in that story, most of the medallions will feature the same artwork as last year, but there are a few others which we're creating new images for.

In particular, the finalist medals in this year's Fluxx Tournament will feature the beautiful new images shown here. This art was created by Alison for use in the forthcoming Spanish edition of the game. (For more previews of the art for Fluxx Espanol, check out the WWN for 12/22/5.)

Alison is still finishing up the last of these new Keeper illustrations, but unfortunately progress is slow since we keep interrupting her with more urgent tasks, i.e. sales work. But most of the art is now done, so hopefully Fluxx Espanol will be on its way to the printer sometime in the new few months.

The other notable new medallion art this year also features artwork by Alison. Shown here are the collages I just finished building, using the art from EcoFluxx and Family Fluxx, for the tournaments we'll be holding for those 2 games, both of which are new releases since last year. (Tourneys for these 2 games will take the place of 2 of the 6 Fluxx Finals, hence only 4 Espanol-based Fluxx Keepers; as with the winner of the Stoner Fluxx tourney, the EcoFluxx and Family Fluxx tourney winners will also win a seat at the Fluxx World Championship on Sunday.)

Have a great week, and hopefully we'll see you at Origins!Andy

Thought Residue
We're finally getting close to printing the Holy Fluxx expansions, and with final decision time at hand, I've finally decided to use my sister-in-law's suggestion (thanks Ruth!) to specify on the Bible Verses card that the player should say "Jesus wept" if they can't think of any other Bible Verse to quote. I'd basically already decided on this, since (as Ruth pointed out) it's famously the shortest actual verse in the Bible and because it's funny to imagine that Jesus might be weeping because you couldn't think of any other Bible Verses to quote. But now I have a third reason: I've just learned from Wikipedia that in some places, "the phrase 'Jesus wept' is a common expletive, curse or minced oath spoken when something goes wrong or to express mild incredulity." Well, that just makes it perfect!

I have dim yet vivid memories of the original McDonaldland TV ads from 1971, which were pretty far-out and trippy when compared to modern McDonald's marketing. Gosh I'd like to see those again! Now I've learned from Wikipedia (I sure love Wikipedia) why it all changed just a few months later... they were sued! By the H.R. Pufnstuf guys! For intellectual property violations! And McDonald's paid a $50K settlement, and had to totally change their whole campaign!
"The cure for 1984 is 1776." -- comment posted by Mentifex on a Mother Jones article (entitled "Uppity Cleveland woman carted to psych hospital by police and ordered to a psych unit by judge")

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