Take a Virtual Tour of Our Home!!


House1.jpg (43919 bytes)  Here's the front of the house.

fronthall2.jpg (191324 bytes)  This is the front hall.

livingroom.jpg (42740 bytes)  This is the living room, where Bossy relaxes.

dining.jpg (166776 bytes)  Here's our dining room.   Only Bossy is allowed to actually sit on the table.

knickknack.jpg (200980 bytes)  This is our dining room from a different angle.

kitchen.jpg (201580 bytes)  Here's the kitchen.   It's small but functional.

loft1.jpg (151192 bytes)  This is our upstairs living area.   Both Bossy and Toby like to nap here.

beko.jpg (138728 bytes)  Every house should have a giant stuffed gorilla.  He lives in the upstairs loft also.

bedroom.jpg (165448 bytes)  Bossy's bedroom in a rare tidy moment.

guestroom.jpg (161464 bytes)  This is the guest bedroom.  Extra points if you can spot the "real" Bossy!

View1.jpg (59456 bytes)  This is a zoom-in of the view from the master bedroom (isn't it breathtaking??)  

View2.jpg (62960 bytes)   Here's a long shot of the same view.



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