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The card game with ever changing rules is now in its Second Edition, published for us by Iron Crown Enterprises. The game starts out simple, with the rules being only to draw 1 card and play 1 card during each player's turn. But New Rule cards quickly make things chaotic, and even the object of the game will often change as you play. Can you get the Rocket to the Moon before someone changes the goal to Death by Chocolate? $8.95


The second card game from Looney Labs is dazzlingly colorful, fun to play, and easy to learn. It plays kind of like dominos, with each player trying to be the first to connect seven panels of a particular element (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, or Ether). Each player has a different goal, but Action cards allow players to trade or scramble the goals, as well as changing the cards on the table, thus keeping the game exciting right up until the very end. Suitable for all ages. $9.95.

53 Spades

A standard deck of playing cards with a back design that is a match for the Ace of Spades. Get a deck to use the next time you're playing cards at a cafe or other public place, and watch for the bewildered looks on people's faces that these cards will generate. Adds a new level of fun to any game! $7.00


Proton is the retro-futuristic, self-contained, abstract strategy PocketBoardGame for 1 or 2 players. It's an innovative and easy-to-learn new puzzle/game that features a dynamic gameboard which makes each game different; the puzzle is actually several solitaire challenges, each with more than one correct solution. And since it's compact and self-contained, you can play Proton everywhere... on the airplane, at a restaurant, or while waiting in line - anywhere you want a fun distraction! $5.00

The One-of-Each Sampler Pack

Buy one of each of our 4 main products and save $3! The Sampler Pack includes one Fluxx deck, one Aquarius deck, a pack of 53 Spades, and a copy of Proton. $28.00.

Arthur's Buttons

An icebreaker for 29 players. Each person gets a button; taken as a whole, the buttons tell a little story. The first person to figure out the correct sequence of buttons is the winner. Great at a party! $14.00

Customizable Fluxx

Some folks are keen to create stacks of special cards of their own to use when playing Fluxx. But although blanks were available when the First Edition was in print, they cannot be used with the current edition due to a change in the card size. So until second edition-compatible blanks are made available (or while supplies last) we are offering this special deal. The Customizable Fluxx package costs $14.00 and includes one of the last unsold First Edition decks and a full box of blanks, so that the Fluxx do-it-yourselfer can create new cards to his (or her) heart's content. First Edition blanks also available ala carte, at 5 cents each.

The Icehouse Game Kit

Icehouse pieces are great for playing games with. The set of 60 pyramid-shaped playing pieces can be used to play a whole series of abstract strategy games, including Icehouse, the board game with no board and no turns, Zarcana, the amazingly cool board game where tarot cards create the dynamically changing gameboard, and half a dozen others. The pieces are cardboard and must be assembled by the end consumer (that's you), and since rules are available only here on the website (none are packaged with the pieces), this product has an unbeatably low price. $2.00

The Super Nova Boxed Set

Super Nova is a science fiction strategy board game in playing card form. It's a game of intergalactic expansion and conquest, in which power is wielded militarily, diplomatically, and economically, with the goal being to create the largest space empire. Super Nova was originally released in the Collectable Card Game format, but we've got it available now, direct from Chort, as a complete game in a box. $20.00

Event Horizon

The long awaited expansion set for Super Nova features 60 all new cards, including two new alien races, new ships, planets, and specials, plus a new kind of card, the Event card. For use with Super Nova. $10.00


The Y2K Countdown to Meltdown Calendar T-shirt

A T-shirt with a really cool 1999 calendar printed on it, 6 months on the front and 6 on the back. Each day features info on obscure holidays, notable anniversaries, celebrity birthdays, and tons of other trivia, along with frequent reminders of how little time remains before the Y2K computer bug crisis hits. Available in light gray ("ash") for $16.00 or on a tie dye for $19.00. Specify size: M, L, XL, or XXL.

Fluxx T-shirt

If you're a Fluxx fan, show it by wearing this shirt, featuring the colorful second edition logo on the front and the ICE logo on the back. $14.00. Specify size: XL or XXL.

The Human Game Board T-shirt

The T-shirt that's also a game. The rules are printed on the front, and the gameboard itself is on the back. To play the game, you get the person wearing the shirt to lie on the ground while you move your playing pieces around on the person's back. The design of the gameboard is also an homage to numerous classic board games. $12.00. The only size currently available is Medium.

Leftover Icehouse T-shirts

Several vintage Icehouse Games T-shirts: The silver patent t-shirt, and the design from the 8th tournament in either the yellowish tie-dye or the earthy unbleached natural cotton. $12.00. Specify size preference and we'll see what we can do.


The Empty City

The game of Icehouse was first described in a series of rather odd short stories. Those stories evolved into this unusual little novel, by Andrew Looney. 100 chapters in length, The Empty City is being posted here on the web at a rate of one chapter a week, but if you don't want to wait you can buy a printed copy from us. $3.00

My Secret World

You can read this collection of 31 peculiar short stories by Andrew Looney for free here on the web, but if you want to be able to read them while you're in the bathroom, you'll need to buy this slender printed edition. $3.00

The Cake that Baked Itself

A humorous children's book written and illustrated with cartoons by Andrew Looney. It's Kerstin's 6th birthday but the dog got into the cake and ruined it. Sensing her disappointment, the ingredients of chocolate cake resolve to create a new cake for her on their own. $2.00

Forgotten Lives

This collection, published by Atlas Games, offers six new adventures for Over the Edge, the Psychosurreal Roleplaying Game. The book includes material such as encounter lists and character indexes, and features Dreaming on the Verge of Strife by Keith Baker. $19.95

Other Neat Stuff

Aquarius Girls

Created by Andrew Looney and starring Lori and Gina Denn, Aquarius Girls is a rather odd kinetic video art project. It's a 2 hour "neutral television" video that's meant to be played in the background rather than watched, sort of like an animated painting, or a screen-saver for your TV set. $10.00

Aquarius Potholders

A pair of beautiful handmade hotpads, inspired by the design of the Aquarius deck. No two pairs are alike! $15.00 for two.

The Pyramid Hat

A nice comfy hat with our URL on the back and an embroided blue pyramid on the front. Made of soft-yet-durable hemp fabric. Each hat comes with a slightly explanatory short story. $20.00

Broccoli Sprouts

Hand made recreations of a long ago discontinued stuffed toy broccoli. Our beloved original is named Tirade, and he's the mascot of Wunderland.com. He's also the main character of the weekly cartoon Iceland. $60.00

Tirade's Personal Medallion

Show the world that you dig our website with one of these snazzy little Tirade buttons! $1.00 each, or $2.50 for 5.

Crossword Coffee Puzzle Mug

The perfect gift for that relative who collects coffee mugs and/or loves doing crossword puzzles: a coffee mug with a crossword puzzle on the side. Use the provided grease pencil to solve it, and you can re-use over and over. $4.00

Icehouse Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

A fun size (100 piece) jigsaw puzzle. The design features a jumble of transulcent icehouse playing pieces of various colors. $4.00


So far we have the classic round Icehouse stickers, plus Aquarius stickers of 3 types. 25 cents each.

How's it Going to End?

The button I wanted after seeing the Truman Show. Since no one else was selling them, we made a few for ourselves, and you can get one, too. $1.00 each, or $2.50 for 5.

Free Postcards

A set of the 4 different advertising postcards we've been giving away at conventions. Free with any order if they'll fit in the box with your other stuff; 50 cents for additional postage if they won't.

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