Customizable Fluxx

It is assumed that you already know what Fluxx is.

Some folks really get into the idea of adding lots of their own special cards to Fluxx. But while we had blanks available back in the First Edition days, they're incompatible with the Second Edition, since the card size was changed when the card count went up to 84. So, even though we've got fans clamoring for blanks in bulk, and even though we've got blanks in bulk just sitting up in our attic, we haven't been making them available since they are the wrong size.

But as it happens, we also have a few boxes of First Edition decks up there, too, which we never got around to selling off after we passed the rights over to Iron Crown. So... we've decided to put together a special package deal.

Sooner or later, Second Edition-compatible Fluxx blanks will be made available. But in the meantime, in order to satisfy the appetites of those who wish to make highly customized Fluxx decks, we're making those leftover First Edition Fluxx blanks available again - together with a First Edition deck, so that you can actually make use of them.

The Customizable Fluxx package includes 1 original edition Fluxx deck, a box of 80 first edition Fluxx blanks and, as a bonus, a set of the promo cards that we were giving out at Origins and Gen Con in 1997. It's all yours for just $14.00. We'll also let you buy Fluxx blanks a la carte for 5 cents each.

Supplies are limited, and this offer will be withdrawn as soon as Second Edition-compatible Fluxx blanks are made available, so if you're of the collector's mindset or you're eager to build a Fluxx deck with a completely custom set of keepers and goals, then order the Customizable Fluxx package today!

Customizable Fluxx is available now in our Gift Shop.

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