Our Partnership with I.C.E.

Looney Laboratories published the First Edition of Fluxx in the spring of 1997. By the following August, it was doing so well that we decided to sell it off. We were exhausted, and we were afraid of getting in over our heads, so as soon as the game had proven itelf worthy, we offered it for sale. (We were also keen to start working on Aquarius, and couldn't do that and market Fluxx at the same time.) So just before Gen-Con, we let a few of the bigger game companies know that we were looking for a publisher, and we got several serious offers. The one we liked best came from a company called Iron Crown Enterprises. The Second Edition of Fluxx is published by ICE, under an exclusive contract that gives us both creative control and a tasty royalty. The business relationship has grown into a partnership, in which ideas for marketing and future editions are freely exchanged. ICE is now handling all aspects of marketing Fluxx, including demos and tournaments, and especially translation and localization for other countries (German and French versions are in the works, among others), We are very happy with the way they are doing things.