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The Sea Anemine

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gat (gat) n. a natural or artificial channel or passage. [probably from Dutch, literally "hole," akin to Old English geat "gate."]

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Alfie :|

A sexy guy dumps
sexy women and then gets dumped.
Happens all the time.

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The Pet Professional

"I stumbled across Zendo in my local game store, bought it, and loved the concept of Icehouse pieces. Nanofictionary ROCKS! The Empty City was also enjoyable... fun characters and good atmosphere. (I've lived in Washington D.C. before and it evoked memories of the Metro, the Smithsonian, and secret hang-out places all over town.)" -- comments with an order from Philippe of Colorado Springs

Late Thursday, March 24th, 2005
by the Writer's Guild of Wunderland

What's New?

What's Going On? GTS & NMAI

Sorry to be late with this week's site... we just got back from Las Vegas and we haven't been able to get back on schedule yet. But we had an excellent time at the GAMA Trade Show!

We were traveling as light as possible this time, deploying a new, simple canvas backdrop instead of the enormous pop-up booth display unit we've been using for years, and I gotta say, it sure was nice having so much smaller of a backdrop solution in our luggage. We still had a ton of suitcases, and since Alison stayed behind this time around, Kristin & I pushed our baggage limits right to the edge. But we got it all there and back safely...

Russell flew out from Florida to help us staff the booth (as shown here) and of course his help was vital. Thanks Russell!

We had a great time meeting up again with our friends in the industry and with the retailers who sell our games. We're also still meeting retailers who haven't yet begun to sell our products, and of course those new leads are one of the main reasons we go to this show. Another great thing about GTS was the opportunity to show ideas and prototypes for new things we're developing to retailers and industry peers, to see how well our newest releases will be received, and we got a lot of excellent feedback. Plus I got to play in a big Texas Hold 'em tournament with 129 other game industry VIPs! (I washed out pretty early, but I still had a great time.)

Anyway, it was a very good trade show but it left us with even more work on our plates than ever.

Last weekend we finally got a chance to go downtown to visit the new National Museum of the American Indian, which was built next to another of my favorite museums, the National Air & Space Museum.

The National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) is really quite wonderful. We could have spent a lot more time exploring the exhibits than we had available, so we're going to need to go back later. (Alison is very meticulous in her museuming and barely scratched the NMAI's surface...)

There's a lot of cool stuff inside the NMAI, but in some ways my favorite part of the museum was the building itself. It's a beautiful piece of architecture!

AndyThanks for Playing Our Games!

Thought Residue
I hereby declare, for all the world to know, that if I, Andrew James Looney, ever become severely brain damaged (i.e. if I'm ever in "a persistent vegetative state with no hope of recovery"), then I do not wish to be kept alive by artificial means. In other words, if ever I become injured like Terry Schiavo, then yes, please, remove my feeding tube.

As we tell people our plans for moving to Canada, we keep hearing about how much we would like Montreal. We haven't been there yet (except when I was a kid) but we're gonna check it out on our next trip up there. We've been more interested in the southernmost Canadian cities, thinking the others would be colder and farther away, but as Alvaro's sister pointed out to us, Montreal and Hamilton are basically the same distance from DC (Hamilton is more farther south but also farther west) and once it's cold and dark, who cares if it's a little bit more cold and dark? Plus, Montreal has a subway, which I think is way-cool, and there are World's Fair relics to explore! So nothing's really decided yet except that we're moving somewhere...
"America is built on people leaving places. We're a country of people who've left. Constitutionally, the pursuit of happiness is something we not only honor, but something we legally protect. This ain't Russia. I don't have to stay. This ain't Cuba. I can leave. In fact, find me one American who would make me stay and fight. They'd say no, go, do what's right for you. I found happiness here. I'll be in BC the rest of my life. I pray to God that I don't die somewhere else, that I'm not vacationing somewhere when I die, because that would bum me out. . . . Pursue your happiness. We were the first country to do it. And we live for that, the fact that people have personal rights. Go where you want. Do what you want. The fact that I chose Canada is almost a bigger embodiment of the American dream. . . . I still love America." -- American expat Lorraine, seen quoted in Matt Labash's article, "Welcome to Canada"



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